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15 June, 2009

Today is a day of relative rest, it is not possible to rest totally at the mountain´s altitude. That means one day of inactivity. We rested our crippled bodies on a comfortable feather sack which isolates us from the land. We three are into a small tent in which we have to ask for permission to move.

It is snowing outside and it is a little windy, a gusting wind which moves our fragile home. The silence dominates the situation, we have talked about everything, we have told us all things.  The wet deck, has done its task for a moment. Time passes slowly here. We sleep, make water, go out to stretch our legs a few minutes, and like this, several times. We wait for the lunchtime, and then, dinnertime. We opened the zipper of our hideout and we stuck our heads out of there to look the route again. We are calm, we know that our task is done. Now we are almost finished, we have to pass the final exam, we will review mentally, in silence, the ascend route. Our thought is focused on the edge. We must be cauitous, walk slowly and firmly, we are hoping for a cold and a calm day, not windy. We want to advance with suffer, but go advancing. We desire to reach the summit in a moment of clarity, in a moment in which we can see the infinite and we three can give us a big hug, with a smile from ear to ear  and that we can communicate with our families and friends by satellite phone in order to share our happiness. We hope we can thank to all people who has helped us and specially to Dynatech-elevation, its support.


Raúl Martínez

An answer a “Tenth day”

  1. Monter Dice:

    Hola montañeros, sólo desearos suerte en el ataque final a la cumbre. cuidaros del frío y de los riesgos. Un saludo