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10 December, 2020

Now, more than ever, we need to help out all those people who are having a really bad time, especially as a result of the pandemic.

Every day on Spanish TV, we see more and more people going to soup kitchens and food banks just to be able to feed themselves and their families.

Nobody, with a minimum of sensitivity, could sit idly by watching this emergency situation without doing anything they could to help, to the best of their ability.

Thus, Dynatech has decided to increase its Christmas food supply very considerably this year, from 1 ton to 5 tons.

Even our representative in the Dakar, Juan Pedrero, has drastically reduced his sponsorship fees to help increase the amount of food given in this donation. This is very much appreciated and shows what a great person he is.

However, he will not be short of fuel this year, and we hope he can play a magnificent role in next year’s Dakar 2021. But that’s another story, which we’ll tell you about later …

Below is a photo of the donation delivery:

On the left, our R&D director, Olga Lacámara; in the centre, José Ignacio Alfaro, President of the Zaragoza Food Bank Foundation; and, on the right, Juan Pedrero, our Dakar representative.

30 November, 2020

We inform you that our company will be closed on 7th and 8th December due to national holidays.

Also we would like to inform you that our company will close for Christmas from December 23rd to January 6th (inclusive).

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

13 August, 2020

Dear Customers,

Dynatech is pleased to announce the certification of the DA (single acting) and DA-UD (bi-directional) electromechanical activation systems. The links to download both certificates, as issued by the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE, are provided below:

- DA electromechanical activation system (single acting)

- DA-UD electromechanical activation system (bi-directional)

These new electromechanical systems have been designed to activate the current ASG and ASG UD progressive safety gears, which are well known to our customers.

There have been no changes in the qualification approval for these safety gears; with the same range of use and technical and dimensional features.

Linking the DA and DA-UD electromechanical activation systems with the ASG and ASG UD mechanical safety gears has resulted in the eASG (single acting) and eASG UD (bi-directional) electromechanical safety gears. We believe that naming them this way makes things much simpler.

As can be seen on the certificates, there are 2 electromechanical activation subtypes: one with a single coil and PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) and another with a double coil: one for resetting and the other for retention.

Dynatech is going to market the dual coil subtype only.

How should the electromechanical safety gear be connected to the rest of the electronic components?

In theory, it is very simple. The 2 reset coils (1 for each side) have to be managed by the controller.

The 2 retaining coils (1 for each side) must be managed by the SIL3 electronic encoder or overspeed governor, as this controls the safety line.

What advantages does the electromechanical safety gear have over the conventional type?

Although the electromechanical safety gear needs to be commanded by an SIL3 category electronic encoder or overspeed governor (therefore, the cost of these must be added), many other components associated with a conventional safety gear are not required: overspeed governor, tensioning pulley, driving bar (linkage).

In addition, other components – in the lift shaft itself – are not required; such as the floor magnets, limit switches and even the buffer, in the case of EN81-21.

All this entails both a saving in material as well as installation costs, so we believe the final cost should be cheaper.

And, of course, maintenance costs will also be reduced by having fewer items in constant motion.

Very important: user safety will increase significantly, as the response time of the safety gear– if triggered – is immediate; this does not happen in the conventional, mechanical configuration of safety gear + overspeed governor.

What advantages does our electromechanical safety gear provide?

- In normal daily use of the lift, consumption will be very low as only the retaining coil will operate.

This coil keeps the engagement rollers in their set position, allowing the lift to move. If the lift is not used for a certain period of time, the controller can be programmed to switch the retaining coil off, whereupon the energy consumption will drop to zero (in Sleep or Stand-by mode). In this state, the rollers rest on the guide rail so, if there is a UCM, they will come into operation.

When a user presses the call button, the reset coil retracts the rollers towards the retaining coil to hold them in their set position. All this takes place long before the user enters the lift.

- Because of the performance of the double coil, Dynatech can improve the safety of lift installers during the installation process in the shaft. We are working on an option to be able to offer it in the shortest possible time.

It is based on the “dead man” technology used in trains and is an electronic box with a battery to power the electromechanical safety gear coils. This box has a button which has to be pressed constantly so that the rollers stay in their set position and allow the hoist to lift or lower the frame (this can be that of the lift itself, thus saving time).

Once the person stops pressing the button, the retaining coil is disconnected and the rollers will make contact with the guide rail.

If this happens because the installation process needs to be continued, the rollers will be in Stand-by and not interlock. However, if it happens by accident and the frame keeps moving, the safety gear will engage and stop the frame.

- Another of the main advantages of our electromechanical safety gear is that each status (set, stand-by or engaged) has its corresponding contact that monitors it on both sides. If you have remote technical assistance, using your control, you will be able to both monitor the safety gear status and operate it, even from your office.

Quite simply, there is nothing like it.


We are currently working to add these new products into our product range on both our website and ERP.

It is all so new, that we are still translating the use and maintenance instructions and certificates themselves into the different languages we usually offer.

However, while we are finishing this process, if you want us to forward these instructions to you or if you need any additional information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you very much for trusting in Dynatech.

Please note the forthcoming closures for bank holidays indicated below:

23th April and 24th April, regional holiday.

1st May, national holiday.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2 April, 2020

Dear Clients,

As usual, DYNATECH is making every effort to keep you as informed and up to date as possible with regard to all the aspects involving our relationship. We therefore consider it relevant to inform you of the following:

  1. In terms of the situation of DYNATECH regarding COVID-19 and the confinement of the population: The company’s production structure remains unchanged, as it provides an essential service supplying its components to the vertical transport sector, with special emphasis on its maintenance service. All non-essential personnel for this job are at home working remotely and, therefore, the different Dynatech departments remain in operation. You will be duly informed of any changes.
  2.  In terms of the launch of new products:
  • The new UCM control device, SD-BOX PESSRAL, is now certified as SIL2 by the Notified Body TÜV RHEINLAND. It will become available during the month of May. Details of this product and its advantages over the one it replaces: the D-BOX can be found at the end of this informative note.
  • The e-ASG (one-way) and e-ASG UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear have successfully passed the certification tests required by the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE. All we are now waiting for is the official documentation. However, this Notified Body has filed for a temporary redundancy plan due to the pandemic, which has affected a large part of its personnel. Unfortunately, this will lead to a delay in receiving the aforementioned certificates and we are unaware of the precise date of their issue and their receipt at Dynatech. We suppose that this temporary redundancy plan will not last for longer than the confinement period established by the Spanish Government. Furthermore, DYNATECH has already sent samples of these models to different manufacturers of controllers and electronic speed governors in order to get ahead of the work involved in the connecting and compatibility of equipment. Given the simplicity of our electromechanical safety gear, we expect these additional steps to be completed quickly and without any problems.
  • The e-ASG WRA (one-way) and e-ASG WRA UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear are both undergoing tests to obtain their respective certificates. Like the previous ones, we do not expect any surprises insofar as their final certification, but this will also be delayed due to the circumstances of the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE, as mentioned above.

Given that the launch of the new SD-BOX PESSRAL is imminent, we are pleased to provide you with due information on what this new product represents and details on how it works:

  1. The SD-BOX PESSRAL is a UCM electronic control device certified as SIL2 by TÜV RHEINLAND and according to Standards EN 81-20/50.
  2. This product will immediately replace the previous D-BOX. Although we will continue to supply D-BOX for as long as it is in stock, the new SD-BOX, which is already being produced, will be gradually introduced into the supply chain.
  3. Cost: The SD-BOX is a much more sophisticated product that the previous D-BOX. More electronic components and longer production process time due to its redundant electronics. Logically, its cost is greater than that of the D-BOX and, therefore, so is its price. However, DYNATECH will make every effort to offer you the same price as you paid for the previous model throughout 2020. DYNATECH hopes that this will compensate for any trouble that this product replacement might cause our clients. Therefore, to summarise, nothing will change until 1st January 2021.
  4. Advantages:
  • Greater safety: SIL 2 certified product. The previous D-BOX did not have this certificate.
  • Greater versatility: The previous D-BOX could only be used with our ASG safety gear and the STAR, VEGA and QUASAR speed governors thanks to their respective assembly certificates. Now, the new SD-BOX can be used not only with the aforementioned assemblies but also with any other safety gear and/or speed governor, as it is considered a safety element.
  • Greater quality: We have made the most of this new product to improve functions, connections, etc. and, therefore, it is a much better product. Click on this link to view a technical document that will help you understand the scope of all the improvements mentioned.

As always, we would like to thank you for your time and trust, and remain at your disposal for any further details you may require.

Yours faithfully,

18 March, 2020

Dear customers,

Dynatech would like to send a message of reassurance, informing you that, fortunately, no company department is affected by the coronavirus crisis and our operations are currently entirely normal.

Likewise, none of our suppliers has stopped supplying materials or components to our production chain; all are operating as normal.

As part of the State of Emergency it decreed last Sunday, the Spanish Government has reinforced measures to contain the spread of the virus: suspending people’s freedom of movement and, consequently, carrying out controls at our borders; this measure is provided for in the Schengen area agreements.

These agreements establish not only the freedom of movement of people, but also the freedom of goods and capital. Neither of the latter two has been suspended; therefore, Dynatech will continue to supply its products without any problems as long as the aforementioned conditions are maintained.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


20 January, 2020

Who doesn’t know about the Dakar Rally, the toughest in the world, and how difficult it is even just to finish it? Well, Juan Pedrero not only finished it, but did so in 16th place in his category. Well done, Champ!

We, at Dynatech, would like to send you all our best, while we wait for you to tell us all about this fascinating experience in person.

Good trip back and see you soon.

20 December, 2019

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