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A few years ago, Dynatech accepted the challenge made by the majority of its customers: The design and manufacturing of a gearless machine; a machine which would complement the Dynatech product range perfectly.


After that period of time and after a great investment of money and effort, Dynatech created a self-made gearless machine range using its own technology, highly competitive in both benefits and price.



Dynatech enjoys an excellent reputation within the International Lift Market as a manufacturer of safety components. Its customers can be completely sure that the criteria, upon which this machine’s design is based, have provided it with the same quality and safety results as the rest of products manufactured by Dynatech.


Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan

Up until now, Dynatech has monitored and controlled the lift movement efficiently by means of its safety components. Additionally, from now on, it is going to be manufactured with the same efficiency and safety parameters thus providing customers with the integral solution for lift Dynamics.



Therefore, on 19th September, Dynatech is having a party to present its new gearless machine range as well as the new facilities where it will be manufactured. Our customers will receive a formal invitation in a few days where they will be informed of the program and our appreciation.


A spectacular party has been organised where we expect the maximum number of customers possible. We will have internationally known artists such as Kate Ryan (click on their name to see details) and other entertainment.

Concerts in September 2009 (Kate Ryan official web site)



Set aside some time in your diary and do not miss this great event.

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