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Francisco Mateo (left side) and Mr. Daniel Sánchez (right side)

Mr. Francisco Mateo (left side) and Mr. Daniel Sánchez (right side)

“On the 30th September, the mobile platform for UAV antenna tests was officially presented to the company EADS-CASA, represented by Mr. D. Daniel Sánchez from the Defence section.

Although it was already finished in the month of August, its presentation was postponed so as to incorporate additional features requested by the customer.

Having carried out the appropriate demonstrations of the product in the Dynatech installations and having achieved an accuracy level much lower than 0.1º, EADS-CASA gave its approval for the transferral of the machine to its installations in Getafe (Madrid).

Entrega en las instalaciones de CASA-EADS

Delivery of the platform in the facilities of EADS in Madrid

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