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On last 9th October,  Dynatech organised a tribute dinner at the Hotel Boston in Zaragoza  for the mountaineers Adrián Uclés and Raúl Martínez who placed the Dynatech flag at the summit of the coldest mountain in the world and the highest in North America: the McKinley-Denali (6200m. Alaska).

Apart from the members of the expedition and Dynatech personnel, Fran Lorente, narrator of all the daily reports transmitted via satellite by the expedition, and Carlos Pauner, a professional mountaineer and friend, were also there.

When the dinner ended, there was a brief commemorative prize-giving ceremony and, immediately after, the showing of a video of the expedition.

Once the showing finished, all the audience could hear the details of this adventure told by their true protagonists. Numerous questions on the climb were also made which were properly answered by the members of the expedition and by Carlos Pauner as well, a famous “eight-thousander” and prestigious guest that gave a real master class on the mountain world, its difficulties and limits of the human being in this hostile environment.

The story was covered by the local press. Enclosed is the corresponding article.

Carlos Pauner, Adrian Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente

Carlos Pauner (upper left), Adrian Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente (upper right)


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