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vista panoramicaFinally the pictures of the 19th September Dynatech party are here!

Rhythm, magic and flavour for the introduction of the new Dynatech engineering development.

The different events are presented in a summarised and independent format in order to obtain a better view through the YouTube link.

Should you wish to acquire a full copy of the evening, you can request it through our Website. Dynatech will send you a DVD with the full version of all the events at the opening party on the extension of our facilities and the launch of the new gearless Tornado series machines.

  1. Dynatech party-Intro
  2. Dynatech party-Francisco Mateo
    Speech of General Manager: Francisco Mateo
  3. Dynatech party-Tornado Gearless Machine presentation by Jesus Valtuena
    Tornado Gearless Machine presentation by Jesus Valtuena
  4. Dynatech party-Mayor of Pina-Teresa Martinez
    Speech of Teresa Martinez: Major of Pina de Ebro (Zaragoza) SPAIN
  5. Dynatech party-Speech of Arturo Aliaga-Aragon Government Industry Minister
    Speech of Arturo Aliaga: Aragon (SPAIN) Government Industry Minister
  6. Dynatech party-Summarize,visit and dinner
    Summarize of the visit to the new facilities and the dinner
  7. Dynatech party-summarize of Kate Ryan live concert and other performances
    Summarize of Kate Ryan live concert, Magic Xtreme and ‘Del Solar’ Orchestra

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