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Raúl Martínez, Adrián Uclés and Fran Lorente make it to the top of the Vallunaraju

The day before setting off to Peru, we said our goodbyes to Francisco Mateo (Dynatech-elevation General Manager); we were talking about the reason for his special interest in climbing and its consequent sponsorship. He told us that companies should always continue with their projects, even during difficult times, with enthusiasm and determination; and he perceived these values in mountaineering, values which are sometimes set aside in other fields. It is at that moment that Francisco convinced me; following today’s performance, I must admit that I understand his point of view to a greater extent.

Yesterday we set off to the Vallunaruju area to continue our acclimatisation process. We chose this area due to its accessibility and, above all, its noticeable difference in height. Our aim was no other than to gain height in order to be better prepared for future mountains.

We arrived at BC (4300 m) to sleep at this height and get used to it. In accordance with our adaptation plan, we got up early at 2 AM to walk at night. We left Base Camp at 3 AM and started climbing towards the IC, also known as Morrena Camp (4900 m); once we arrived, we felt strong enough to go a bit further and we reached the Vallunaraju summit at 5686 m.



The three of us roped up, but 300 m from the top, my cold started to take its toll. Adrián and Raúl continued to the top. Once I had rested half an hour, I felt refreshed and decided to catch up with my partners. They were coming down while I was only thirty minutes away from the top. My mind was set to make it to the top. Raúl warned me of a risky pass and finally decided to come with me, reaching the top twice in the same day. He was very tired but our mutual affection was stronger than the tiredness in his legs and he decided to accompany me to share this moment; the summit moment will be ours forever. Adrián was waiting for us in the pass paying attention to our movements and keeping our backpacks.

We have been working high up for twelve long hours and we have given it everything we’ve got, getting up early and therefore resting little. We are now exhausted and we must recover quickly as this isn’t over yet.

This performance confirms Francisco Mateo’s approach: this would have been impossible without enthusiasm and determination.

Fran Lorente

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  1. jose luis Dice:

    cada dia me sorprendeis mas, ole vustros huevos.
    Un saludo desde Peña Athletic Club de Bilbao Monzon y redolada

  2. Marin Dice:

    Venga espartanos!!!!! q sois los amos con dos cojones y muxo frenadol jeje,muxa suerte y un abrazo.

  3. Chiri Dice:

    Venga trompetones, aqui estoy pasando la noche y me entretengo con buestras hazañas. Adelante y abrazos.

  4. Fernendo Dice:

    Un orgullo para Pina y su polígono contar con empresas que respaldan este tipo de proyectos.
    Mucha suerte campeones, aunque no seais tan conocidos como los futbolistas de la “roja” vuestro mérito no es ni mucho menos inferior.