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27 July, 2010

Today we had the break we deserved, after all our efforts over the past few days.

We are aware that this expedition is not over yet. Therefore this break is only a breather, an interruption in the project. We spent the day reorganising equipment and planning our tackle on the Alpamayo, our Ithaca, our dream, our aim.

We tried to find last minute information. Apparently, the mountain’s conditions are good.


After the accident, calm has settled, that’s the way the mountain is. Climbers hold themselves back when news is not good; an easily understandable human reaction. But the mountain is still there, forever serene, forever superior, forever powerful, no event can perturb it. However, today we met a special guy, one of those who understand the mountain and behave like it. Manuel Moya, “loco Moya” for friends, a Chilean, engineering student, with a spotless mountaineering profile, not only for his sports curriculum, but also for his serenity, for his way of facing slopes. He reached the Alpamayo IC one day after the accident; the rescue operation had already started so he couldn’t do anything. His intentions didn’t change, his analysis was clear: he was facing a serene mountain, unaffected by events. Loco Moya used the Alpamayo’s weapons and was cool and calm when facing its slopes, taking careful steps, sparing his efforts. He went past the Argentinean’s body but he focused on the way to the top. Nineteen hours after starting his ascent, at nine pm they reached the top of the Alpamayo, only his roped team was able to face the Direct French route.

This is the way things are, only those able to face up to the challenge albeit circumstances deserve to reach their goal; with perseverance, determination and without ever losing faith.

Fran Lorente

An answer a “LOCO MOYA”

  1. Loco Moya Dice:

    Hola! Bueno, mas que suerte en este intento al Alpa, cuidense y seguro que les ira bien,

    Un abrazo a todos