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Dynatech is currently in the process to certify the following products in Russia in accordance to the GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010 Standards:

Progressive safety gears:

  • ASG-100-UD
  • ASG-120-UD
  • ASG-121-UD
  • PR-2500-UD V50
  • PR-2000-UD
  • PQ-4000-UD
  • PQ-3400-UD

Overspeed governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

The “Centre-Expert” (NETEEL) body is already performing the standardization tests. The first certificate drafts of the safety gears PR-2000-UD and ASG-100-UD are already available. Their final certificates and those of the products in the process to be certified will be received promptly. As soon as these certificates are received, they will be included in our website.

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