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Dear Clients,

Please be advised that we now have the Type CE Examinations translated into French and German for all of our products certified under Addendum 3. As always, we have included these Certificates in the User and Maintenance Manuals issued in French and German, which are now available from our website.

We have certificates in these languages for the following Progressive Safety Gears:

  • ASG-100 UD
  • ASG-120 UD
  • ASG-121 UD
  • ASG-100
  • ASG-120
  • ASG-121
  • PR-2500
  • PR-2500 UD V.35
  • PR-2500 UD V.50
  • PR-2000 UD
  • PQ-4000 UD
  • PQ-3400 UD

We also have Certificates in French and German for the following Speed Governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

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