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Dynatech has already received the Authorisation Letter from the Notified Body ATISAE in order to apply the Standards EN 81-1: 1998 +A3:2009 and EN 81-2:1998 +A3:2009, in the use of our products manufactured prior to validity of the above-mentioned Standards. This letter is included in all the Instructions for use and Maintenance of the products mentioned below, after the EC Type Examinations, in the following languages: Spanish, English, French and German, in accordance with the Language of the corresponding Instructions for use. The Products including this letter are as follows:

- Progressive safety gears

  • ASG-100 UD
  • ASG-120 UD
  • ASG-121 UD
  • ASG-100
  • ASG-120
  • ASG-121
  • PR-2500
  • PR-2500 UD V.35
  • PR-2500 UD V.50
  • PR-2000 UD
  • PQ-4000 UD
  • PQ-3400 UD

- Overspeed governors

  • STAR
  • VEGA

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