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Dynatech has certified several of its products in Russia, according to the standards GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010. This certification was performed by the organisation “Centre-Expert”. All certificates issued by this organisation are available on our website www.dynatech-elevation.com and are for the following products:

Progressive safety gear:

  • ASG-100-UD
  • ASG-120-UD
  • ASG-121-UD
  • PR-2500-UD V50
  • PR-2000-UD
  • PQ-4000-UD
  • PQ-3400-UD

Overspeed governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

The products used in Russia are in accordance with these certificates, and must be labelled with the corresponding mark as required by Russian regulations:

Russian Logo

We therefore ask all our customers intending to use our products in Russia to explicitly request these products for that country, so the product can be properly labelled.

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