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Dear customers,

Please be advised that our products are to include an additional feature from now on.

We have added a QR code along with the labels attached to the product that show its characteristics. You scan this code using your smartphone and the product will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone directly from our website in the language it was requested. You can, however, change the language if required at the top of our site.

We believe that this new application may be of help to you, to the fitter and even to any inspection body that requires instant information on the product and wishes to read its instructions for use and handling, for example if the manuals have been lost or for any other reason.

As you know, there are free apps that you can download to your smartphone in order to be able to scan these codes.

We hope this new feature is of interest, as well as being useful, and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

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