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Dynatech is pleased to announce the Russian certification of the LBD-200 speed governor in line with Standards GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010. This governor now joins the already extensive range of products certified under this standard.

 Certificate GOST LBD-200

As can be seen in this certificate, it refers to the meeting of technical requirements according to Customs Union TP-TC-011/2011 between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the GOST certificates for all other products remain fully valid until their expiry date, despite the TP-TC-011/2011 not being specified in the text of these certificates, as they were issued prior to the agreement between the states.

In short, all of our products with GOST certification meet TP-TC-011/2011 requirements and, therefore, can be sold, installed and used without any problems or obstacles in the member states of this Customs Union.

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