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Dear customers,

Dynatech is pleased to inform you that our Russian certificate for Progressive safety gears PR-2000-UD, PQ-4000-UD, ASG-100-UD, ASG-120-UD and PR-2500-UD has been renewed, according to the Customs Union’s TP-TC-011/2011 technical requirements, and is valid for: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. As soon as we receive the certificates for the rest of the safety gears we will let you know.

PR-2000 UD Certificate

PR-2500 UD Certificate

PQ-4000 UD Certificate

ASG-100 UD Certificate

ASG-120 UD Certificate

We remind you that our Russian certifications for the STAR, VEGA and LBD-200 Overspeed governors have already been renewed in accordance with the technical requirements from the Customs Union TP-TC-011/2011, and are valid for: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

 STAR Certificate

VEGA Certificate

LBD-200 Certificate

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