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Dear Customer,

Dynatech is pleased to inform you of the following products which have been recently certified under current Chinese regulations.

  1. Progressive safety gear, unidirectional: ASG-120, ASG-121 and ASG-221 (high speed)
  2. Progressive safety gear, bidirectional: ASG-120-UD, ASG-121-UD and ASG-221-UD (high speed)
  3. Overspeed governors: VEGA

In addition, we would like to inform you that the official Dynatech sales representative for our products in China is:


Address:    Luoyang # HeLuo.60 High Technology Zone, Luoyang, Henan, China

Phone no: +86 0379 64332329

Fax no:      +86 0379 64368385


Aitor Arnal (Chinese, Spanish, English, French) aitor@dynatech-elevation.com

Wang lifen (Chinese) wang@dynatech-elevation.com

If you want to download these certificates, please click on the following links:

  • ASG-120 and  ASG-120-UD                                      English      Chinese
  • ASG-121 and  ASG-121-UD                                       English      Chinese
  • ASG-221 and ASG-221-UD (high speed)                English      Chinese
  • VEGA                                                                               English      Chinese

Thank you for trusting in your global supplier of lift safety systems.

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