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15 November, 2019

Between 2009 and 2013, Dynatech sponsored a group of mountain climbers, who managed to plant a flag with our name on it on three of the world’s most important mountains: the coldest mountain in the world (Denali – or McKinley- in Alaska), the most beautiful mountain in the world (Alpamayo in Peru) and the highest in the world (Everest).

This time, we want to plant a flag right in the desert, so……………………


To do this, we will be represented by one of the top 5 Dakar motorcyclists of all time:

          JUAN PEDRERO

A true motorcycle racing professional with an incredible track record scoring victories in so many competitions. Check out all his titles at the following link:


At this edition of the Dakar, Juan will be racing with official KTM engines, which will, undoubtedly, give him an edge as he vies for a top spot.

As a little foretaste, in preparation for this major test of endurance, Juan won the 1000 Dunes rally just a few days ago.

The challenges thrown at us every day by the market require tremendous effort, perseverance, work and discipline on our part, to overcome them.

Juan displays this very same attitude, training hard every day in the desert around our facilities. Seeing his daily sacrifice, Dynatech was bound to empathise with the values he represents.

Below are a couple of links where you can follow all the latest news about this elite motorcycle racer, including the chronicles of the Dakar Rally 2020 (which starts on 5th January 2020):

  • Click here to check out his Instagram profile, @joanpedrero
  • Click here to see his Twitter profile @joanpedrero
  • Click here to view the Facebook page for Joan Pedrero

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