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2 April, 2020

Dear Clients,

As usual, DYNATECH is making every effort to keep you as informed and up to date as possible with regard to all the aspects involving our relationship. We therefore consider it relevant to inform you of the following:

  1. In terms of the situation of DYNATECH regarding COVID-19 and the confinement of the population: The company’s production structure remains unchanged, as it provides an essential service supplying its components to the vertical transport sector, with special emphasis on its maintenance service. All non-essential personnel for this job are at home working remotely and, therefore, the different Dynatech departments remain in operation. You will be duly informed of any changes.
  2.  In terms of the launch of new products:
  • The new UCM control device, SD-BOX PESSRAL, is now certified as SIL2 by the Notified Body TÜV RHEINLAND. It will become available during the month of May. Details of this product and its advantages over the one it replaces: the D-BOX can be found at the end of this informative note.
  • The e-ASG (one-way) and e-ASG UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear have successfully passed the certification tests required by the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE. All we are now waiting for is the official documentation. However, this Notified Body has filed for a temporary redundancy plan due to the pandemic, which has affected a large part of its personnel. Unfortunately, this will lead to a delay in receiving the aforementioned certificates and we are unaware of the precise date of their issue and their receipt at Dynatech. We suppose that this temporary redundancy plan will not last for longer than the confinement period established by the Spanish Government. Furthermore, DYNATECH has already sent samples of these models to different manufacturers of controllers and electronic speed governors in order to get ahead of the work involved in the connecting and compatibility of equipment. Given the simplicity of our electromechanical safety gear, we expect these additional steps to be completed quickly and without any problems.
  • The e-ASG WRA (one-way) and e-ASG WRA UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear are both undergoing tests to obtain their respective certificates. Like the previous ones, we do not expect any surprises insofar as their final certification, but this will also be delayed due to the circumstances of the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE, as mentioned above.

Given that the launch of the new SD-BOX PESSRAL is imminent, we are pleased to provide you with due information on what this new product represents and details on how it works:

  1. The SD-BOX PESSRAL is a UCM electronic control device certified as SIL2 by TÜV RHEINLAND and according to Standards EN 81-20/50.
  2. This product will immediately replace the previous D-BOX. Although we will continue to supply D-BOX for as long as it is in stock, the new SD-BOX, which is already being produced, will be gradually introduced into the supply chain.
  3. Cost: The SD-BOX is a much more sophisticated product that the previous D-BOX. More electronic components and longer production process time due to its redundant electronics. Logically, its cost is greater than that of the D-BOX and, therefore, so is its price. However, DYNATECH will make every effort to offer you the same price as you paid for the previous model throughout 2020. DYNATECH hopes that this will compensate for any trouble that this product replacement might cause our clients. Therefore, to summarise, nothing will change until 1st January 2021.
  4. Advantages:
  • Greater safety: SIL 2 certified product. The previous D-BOX did not have this certificate.
  • Greater versatility: The previous D-BOX could only be used with our ASG safety gear and the STAR, VEGA and QUASAR speed governors thanks to their respective assembly certificates. Now, the new SD-BOX can be used not only with the aforementioned assemblies but also with any other safety gear and/or speed governor, as it is considered a safety element.
  • Greater quality: We have made the most of this new product to improve functions, connections, etc. and, therefore, it is a much better product. Click on this link to view a technical document that will help you understand the scope of all the improvements mentioned.

As always, we would like to thank you for your time and trust, and remain at your disposal for any further details you may require.

Yours faithfully,

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