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29 March, 2021

Dear customers,

Dynatech wrote a news article on September 24, 2018 about the proliferation of emails impersonating its identity.

Lately, we have seen that fraudulent emails have been sent from email addresses very similar to ours for example, instead of being “dynatech-elevation” they used “dynateck-elevation”.

This type of phishing is typosquatting or combosquatting. The enclosed message may simply be to say that Dynatech has changed its bank account number in an attempt at fraud.

This has actually happened but, fortunately, the customer was alert and not fooled.

Dynatech has not modified its bank accounts in recent years and, if it were to do so, would inform you through an official corporate communication leaving no doubt about its authenticity; not in a simple, brief e-mail.

Please pay close attention to any small detail that might make you suspicious; a criminal may be behind it.

If you have received such an e-mail about our bank accounts, or any other e-mail attempting to supplant our identity, please notify us and forward it to us as soon as you can, if this is possible.

Finally, let us repeat the content of our message of 24/09/18, since it is as relevant today as ever:

“Although you will already be aware, we would like to remind you of several things to take into account when identifying these unwanted emails and to prevent their use and propagation:

  1. These may contain links (links to websites), which are considered to be potentially dangerous. Valid Dynatech emails will never ask you to provide a password or click on any link except informative links that always carry our web addresses that contain “dynatech-elevation.com”.
  2. They contain files sent as attachments, which are potentially dangerous if they are opened or executed. We recommend that you make sure before opening the files and, if you have any questions, consult us about the authenticity of it or if we have sent you that e-mail, using a different e-mail (do not reply to the mail you consider may be malicious) or by telephone.
  3. Make sure that all the addresses that appear are from the dynatech-elevation.com for communication from staff and the domain dynatech-core.com for general communications and management related to our client area. Previously, some of these emails had addresses of free providers such as @ gmail.com @ hotmail.com @ yahoo.com. It is common to have slight misspelt versions of well-known or established domain names, but careful analysis can reveal these irregularities.”

Dynatech will inform the authorities of any crime or attempted crime against it or any of its customers.

Yours faithfully,

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