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On April 26th, 2021, we announced on our website that Dynatech was celebrating its 25th year, but that we could not celebrate our anniversary, due to the pandemic. We also informed you that we were continuing to work on a new website and with new products and developments. However, much to our regret, the new website is being delayed, simply because we are unable to update the company photographs into our new website. This is because the expansion work at our plant is taking considerably longer than expected, given its complexity; however, we are almost there.

We can though offer you a new development that is a farther improvement on our electromechanical safety gear. This development is offered as an option, and consists of the mechanical decoupling of the holding and reset coils, allowing for subsequent independent monitoring of the reset coil as well. For further information, please consult the new manuals in the customer area.

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