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Ayer Adrian, Carlos y Raul, junto con Gonzalo, llegaron a Paiju, después de seis horas caminando, desde Jola. Hoy dedicaran el dia a descansar, y mañana partiran hacia Urdukas. Si se van cumpliedo las etapas tal y como tienen previsto el día siete de julio, llegaran al Campo Base del GII.

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30 June, 2011

 30.06.11 (18:00 Skardu-Pakistan)

Ya hemos llegado a Skardu y estamos alojados en el mítico K2, pero de expediciones de momento estamos solos. Continue reading “Comunicado de Raul Martínez desde Skardu” »

27 June, 2011

27.06.11 (18:00 h Pakistan)
27.06.11 (15:00 h Spain)

Yesterday, on Sunday, they were able to finalise all the bureaucratic procedures with the respective Ministries in order to allow them entry to the Karakorum Mountains. The process was quick, the fact that there are few expeditions this year in Pakistan means that those responsible for these procedures have little work to do and therefore speed up any climbing requests.

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25 June, 2011

25.06.011 (22:00 h Pakistan)
25.06.011 (19:00 h Spain)

The team made up by Raúl Martínez, Adrián Ucles and Carlos Pauner arrived without problem today in Islamabad. They are staying in the Blue Area, at the same hotel as in the year 2007. This is an area of the Pakistani capital with a high level of security.

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Friends, family, sponsors and members of the expedition gathered to say our goodbyes on the evening of Thursday 23rd, one day before the expedition was due to leave for Pakistan, taking advantage of the occasion upon which Carlos Pauner was presenting the filming of his recent ascent of Lhotse at the History Museum of Zaragoza.

Carlos Pauner at 8515m. One metre short of reaching Lhotse’s peak.

Nothing better than a wonderful dinner with friends to bid them farewell and wish them the greatest of success on this amazing adventure.

From left to right: Raúl Martínez, Carlos Pauner, Adrián Uclés and Francisco Mateo

From now on we will be following your every move and, above all, don’t forget to send us your daily news.

Good luck! You can do it! And please, come back safe and sound.”

7 April, 2011

On 25th March, there was a ceremony at Dynatech as a tribute to the members of the expedition Adrián Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente in recognition of the effort made last year during the 2010 DYNATECH – ALPAMAYO expedition.

During this expedition, they managed to put our flag on the summit of the Alpamayo, claimed to be “the most beautiful mountain in the world”, and on two other summits as well: Pisco and Vallunaraju, all three in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

The event was a lunch at our facilities and ended with a presentation of glass statuettes commemorating the Expedition. Due to reasons beyond his control, Fran Lorente could not attend the event and Carlos Pauner attended the ceremony and collected this statuette on Fran’s behalf.



After that, Carlos Pauner, a famous Himalayist, did the honours to present the next challenge for Dynatech members of the expedition planned for July this year:

To conquer the Gasherbrum II summit.

The Gasherbrum II, also called K4, is an 8,035-m-mountain located in the Pakistani Karakoram and is one of the 14 summits over 8,000m. They intend to make their ascent following the so-called “French Route”, opened in 1975 and never been attempted by any Spanish person.

The 2011 DYNATECH – GASHERBRUM II expedition is an extreme challenge: A summit over 8,000m and an ascent made following an unusual route, where they will not find any other expedition to provide mutual assistance and share efforts.

Carlos Pauner ( www.carlospauner.com ) gave the Dynatech personnel further details on the project. He is about to complete his own challenge which is reaching the top of the 14 highest mountains in the world, all of them over eight thousand metres. Up until now, he has reached 10 and, as we speak, he is at the base of the Lhotse (8,516m) to attempt his eleventh one. Here at Dynatech, we wish him to obtain the greatest success and to return home safe and sound.

On his return from Lhotse, he will have about a month to recover from the effort made and, then, prepare his departure towards the K4. Then, the members of our expedition, Adrián Uclés and Raúl Martínez (Fran will not be able to participate this time) will join Carlos to undertake this challenge. In addition to our own team, Carlos will be accompanied by Javier Pérez, Isabel Santolaria and Juan Carlos Cirera, all of them from Aragon; therefore, the expedition will be 100% Aragonese.

As soon as we are given any news, we will inform you of it.