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Foto entregaThe new Dynatech extension was officially opened last Saturday, 19 Sep 2009, by Arturo Aliaga Lopez, the Aragon Government Industry Minister.

DYNATECH took this opportunity to display its TORNADO series of gearless machines.

After the opening speeches and the technical presentation for the product, those attending were allowed to enter the factory and try out the new machine for themselves, by riding the lift in the new 50m testing tower.

Then around 8.45pm, all the guests, politicians, customers, suppliers, family and friends moved off to another part of the site, where they were served a delicious dinner.

However, the most dramatic part of the night took place at 11:15 pm, when Kate Ryan started off her fantastic concert. By then even more guests had arrived at the party, reaching a final figure of some two thousand people.

After the show, Dynatech thanked the artist and her band for the magnificent show put on for everyone present.

Concierto Kate RyanImmediately afterwards, just outside the factory, James Garibo and his MagicXtreme magic show, left everyone open-mouthed for half an hour. This is a great show that James has given, not just in Spain, but internationally as well, including Las Vegas (USA).

At the end of the magic show, ‘Del Solar’ Orchestra took to the same stage and played their Latin Salsa rhythms. This is a fantastically professional group who are used to playing alongside the big international stars of Latin music.

Two DJs, one on the Kate Ryan stage playing Dance music, and the other in the Latino area, kept anyone who still had strength left dancing till the early hours of the morning. The event finally drew to a close about 6am, with the departure of the last of the guests.

Dynatech would like to thank everyone who complemented and congratulated us on the high quality of the concerts and organisation throughout the evening.

Once our audiovisual department has finished their report, we will post it up on our website. Maybe next week. Don’t miss it!

In the meantime you can check out how it was reported by the press and TV at the following links:


Updated: 05/11/18

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