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24 July, 2010

We mention one of the comments on the Dynatech blog, to provide some information.


  1. Julieta says:

Hi…excuse me…I’m writing because I’m really worried…I see that you keep your blog updated and I’d like to know whether you have some information about the mountaineer who had an accident on the Alpamayo. Some of my friends are over there and I can’t locate them…I’d like to know if there is any news about the person who fell…thanks a lot.

From our location in the Andes, the news comes from third parties, therefore it is not very reliable. We heard at Casa Zarela that an Argentinean mountaineer was climbing the French Direct route to the Alpamayo; he was going to climb with his partner but, in Huaraz, they found out that she was three months’ pregnant and preferred to remain at Base Camp, he decided to climb on his own. On the fifth pitch, he plunged into the void dragging with him a two-Austrian roped team. The Argentinean died, one of the two Austrians has a serious spine injury and we haven’t heard anything about the other one.



As for our intentions, we aim to go to the Pisco area, 5735 m, in order to continue the long acclimatisation process; to do this, we must reach the Base Camp, located at 4700 m, today, sleep and set off to the Pisco on the following day. We’ve been talking to some Italian people, who recently descended, and the conditions on this mountain seem to be very good; we expect to find it in these same conditions.

We are now ready to face new slopes and suffer while climbing them with the only purpose of reaching our goal.

Fran Lorente


  1. Santi Solá Dice:

    Hola amigos. Os voy siguiendo, si que es verdad que no sé mucho de estas extraordianrias montañas, en todo caso me emociona ver lo que estais haciendo y espero lo disfruteis al máximo, ya nos contaréis detalles porque por lo que vais colgando el esta página debe ser un paisaje bellísimo, muy distinto del McKinley, ¿no?
    Bueno, ya sabéis, tened las máximas precauciones y muchos ánimos, valientes, que os merecéis esta cima tan grandiosa. Un fuerte abrazo, y a ver si lo celebrais pronto, yo diría que unas cañas en el Machu Pichu, ok? Hasta pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!