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28 July, 2010


Our bodies are ready once again to face new slopes and long days. We are slowly getting used to the fact that we are in the final stage of the expedition. We are aware that all the efforts we have made up until now were in order to be ready and able to face our great goal more competently.

Tomorrow we are setting off to our mountain’s Base Camp. It is a long twenty-two kilometre journey which we think we will complete in approximately eight hours; the following day we will set off to the IC, where we’ll spend the night and we will wait for the best day to try to reach the top. It will all depend on whether anything has gone wrong, the weather is good and we have the strength to continue.

In principle, we can’t send news out from Base Camp, if we find a way we will keep you informed. It seems that we will not be able to send reports for a few days; as soon as we are able to, we’ll keep you up to date.

Your support has always been important but we are now at the critical point of this adventure and we need to feel you are close.

We thank Dynatech for its help, our families for their understanding and all of you for following our progress.

Fran Lorente

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