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Raul Martinez y Adrian Ucles en Alpamayo 5.947 m


We just got to Huaraz, now are the 21 h PM and we are very tired. Broadly speaking, we can say that everything went as planned.

We arrived at BC on the 28th, Day Celebrations in Peru. The next day we moved from CB to CII, directly, without sleeping on the CI. Ten hours of activity to exceed 1100 m.

And on the 30th, leaving at 1 AM, after another ten hours of activity to climb, Adrian and Raul reached the summit of Alpamayo, with Igor, the Basque climber who joined to us. They stroked our dream, because the decline was pendant. A slow but steady decline until the CII where we melt into a hug and a brief conversation we decided to pull off to the Base Camp. Finally had sixteen hours of activity.

In my case, the decision was clear, I began the journey until to reach the base of the corridor, at the time I made a reflection. Matching my strength with respect to the requirement of the route and decided to return to the CII. The accumulated fatigue of the last few days and see what would have cost up at least two hours, was what tipped me to look at the lonely tent and follow the footsteps of my colleagues from here.

We’re all very well and am more rested will give you more details.

This mountain is dedicated to our main sponsor: Dynatech, while at this time to thank the support of Hinaco, City Council and Artic Monzón. And of course, our families, without them this would not have been possible.

Fran Lorente

8 answers a “They have reached the Alpamayo summit (5.947 m)”

  1. Sonia Dice:

    Enhorabuena a los tres, nos alegramos de tener buenas noticias!!!

  2. monter Dice:

    enhorabuena chavales de corazón.

  3. LM Dice:

    Muchas Felicitaciones

  4. Santi Solá Dice:

    Muchas felicidades amigos, una gran felicidad que nos vais a traer a Monzón. Un abrazo y hasta pronto!!!!

  5. David Dice:

    Enhorabuena Raúl, y tambien a todos los demas aunque no los conozco!!!.


  6. IVAN EL PRI Dice:

    FELICIDADES COMPAÑEROS!! Estamos muy orgullosos de vosotros, siempre lo hemos estado y esperamos vuestro regreso para celebrar este nuevo triunfo montañil. Un abrazo

  7. jose luis Dice:

    Enhorabuena campeones, ahora para casita que ya os empiezan a echar de menos, nos vemos
    Un saludo desde Peña Athletic Club de Bilbao Monzon y redolada

  8. pepe Dice:

    como siempre sos maquinetas…

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