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After a slightly eventful journey missing planes and even losing their baggage, the helicopter has left our expedition at Base Camp at a height of 4,200 metres. This Base Camp is common to other expeditions aiming at climbing the Pobeda and Khan Tengri peaks; therefore our mountaineers fortunately have found company in an organised environment.

For now, they will stay at Base Camp for four days in order to become adequately acclimatized. Meanwhile, they will wait for the helicopter to deliver their lost (already found) luggage containing nothing less than the expedition’s first aid kit and the ropes.

More information to follow.

3 answers a “The 2012 Dynatech expedition to the Shipilov Peak already at base camp.”

  1. Chabi Sierra Dice:

    Ánimo amigos, ya sabeis que en cualquier expedición que se precie, toca pelear con estos temas. Acordaros de que no estais solos. Si necesitais un interprete que hable kazajo, ya sabeis que es mi fuerte. Un abrazo colegas.

  2. Javi Abad Dice:

    Hombre, el Xebi cenicero si que sabe como se dice en kazajo , un abrazo muy fuerte nos vemos pronto.

  3. Chabi Sierra Dice:

    Ánimo amigos, anda que no quedan montañas y días para subirlas. Nos vemos guapetonessssss, bueno es un decir ehhhh!