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The QUASAR T25 overspeed governor is one of the three models in the QUASAR governors’ range. It is an on board overspeed governor with a pulley of Ø120mm to be used with a steel rope of Ø4mm.

This small governor is assembled onto the T25 steering mechanism where, in turn, ASG progressive safety gear is installed; that is to say, Dynatech presents a safety unit made up of governor and safety gear “in a single part”.

The combination of the advanced ASG safety gear’s performance and that of the QUASAR governor allows covering most of the lift installations and, therefore, the customer does not require combining different types of safety gears with different types of governors. QUASAR T25 along with the ASG provides a global solution in a single product.

Its compactness and size allow it to optimally adapt in the case of lifts with reduced pit and/or headroom.

It is remarkably versatile since it may be installed in lifts with a frame of the gantry or cantilever type as well as with the guide rails in the normal or reverse position. It can also be attached to an already installed frame and, therefore, an old lift may be updated to the new safety standards at a low cost.

As you know, Dynatech considers that A3′s UCM must be ensured in the safety components, since if performed using the drive machine brakes, even though the Standard allows it in case of sliding of the suspension ropes, the UCM will not be prevented. Thanks to the small size of the QUASAR’s Governor pulley, we have achieved an ultrafast tripping in the case of a UCM, almost as if it were a car’s parking brake, therefore, safety is ensured at all times.

Dynatech is at your disposal to advise you on the best use of this new product with specific solutions for your lift, no matter if it is standard, of reduced pit, large P+Q, etc.

Photo 2

1. Main pulley built in the driving bar

2. Movable diverter pulley

Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5. QUASAR T25

Example of use in reduced pits. The installation of split guide shoes above the safety gears is highly recommended.

Photo 6. Minimum space required.

Distance to the ground below 120 mm

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> OVERSPEED GOVERNORS QUASAR. (Click here)

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