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We have reached the foot of the Everest and of Lhotse. After almost a week of traveling through the Khumbu valley, we have reached this incredible place, at Everest base camp at 5,350 metres. Each step on getting here has got harder and harder. The gradual loss of oxygen made each step harder than the previous one, until finally and in the middle of a somewhat unstable day, we set foot on this glacier of the Everest. For the trekkers that have come with us, their journey ends here. They are happy.They have reached their goal and have enjoyed wonderful sights, including Mount Everest, where their cameras were able to immortalize it. For us, Raúl and myself, a new journey begins.

For now, we will dedicate a few days in preparing the base camp, organising the loads, although a few still have to arrive, putting up all the tents, since this is most definitely going to be our home for the next 45 days. Fortunately, I feel better after suffering from a stomach ache I got during the trekking, and these few days of rest will give me the strength needed for the hard work that will begin very soon. We are at the foot of our objective, Everest.

Carlos Pauner


  1. Jorge Montero Dice:

    Empieza lo serio. Mucho ánimo y fuerzas!! A por ello.