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Our final plans have already taken shape. There is only one great and final step in our acclimation and the date is set. On the 12th, early in the morning, we will set off again to that dangerous chaos of ice blocks in the waterfall, with every intention of overcoming it and reaching camp 2 at a height of 6,400 m.   The following day, in the middle of the night, we will give our all in trying to reach the south mountain pass in one go, at a height of 8,000 m, set up camp 4 there and descend again to camp 2. The next day, the 14th, we will descend to base camp with the aim of recovering from this enormous effort and getting ready for the final battle, to conquer the summit, which will take place around 22nd – 25th May.


It’s going to be very exhausting for us; however, I’m sure that this is the only way to succeed in getting used to the height required to undertake an ascent, without oxygen, to this colossus of the Earth. It’s going to be like climbing to an eight-thousander before facing our goal and, therefore, the organic and mental fatigue we are to undergo is going to be considerable. Nevertheless, I hope that we’ll have the ability to recover ourselves during the days of rest and get ready for that last and final effort.

These days are days to relax, to make plans and, from now on, everything will inevitably hasten, at breakneck speed. Without even realising it, we’ll reach that final night to attack the summit, where we’ll go all in, where the ending will be uncertain and everything is still to be done.

More than ever, we now have to strengthen our minds, conquer our fears and deceive our body that doesn’t want to face the ice, coldness and extreme height. We must leave all this behind and become height warriors that freely fight for their dreams and nothing stops them. Our world is up there. Our redemption is up there. Nothing will stop us and this penultimate step to be overcome is going to be a good test for our determination and ability.

I see my companions gloomier than they usually are. This is normal. We must get rid ourselves of everything that makes us weak and this is hard. Memories of many other expeditions in similar situations come into my mind. I remember many companions that are not here anymore, even though they are still in my heart; part of their strength is still with me. They will help me take difficult decisions and I feel happy to have all these experiences of years and years with them inside my heart. I really want to see you titans, but not yet.

I try to leave all the doubts behind and I’m delighted because everything has gone well up to date. Everything has gone as planned and this has taken us here, at the doors of what is really important. Everything is done and is still to be done. Everything is up to us and our mountain; Easy and complex at the same time.

In a few hours, we’ll nearly reach the eight-thousand level once again. We’ll find out whether we deserve to be at the top of mother Earth or not. I’ll respectfully look at it and will know its answer.

I hope to meet the challenge.

Carlos Pauner

An answer a “Latest news on Dynatech’s 2013 Everest expedition: Carlos’s article.”

  1. Jorge Montero Dice:

    Mucho ánimo, mucha fuerza!!! Vamos titanes.