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Dear Customer,

Until now, DYNATECH offered the QUASAR T25 and QUASAR SV versions for descent and two-way operation. The conventional version of the QUASAR governor was limited to descent-only operation because the rope used (4mm PFEIFER DRAKO STX) did not offer adequate safety margins for two-way operation, in this version alone.

This has been solved by the certification of the GUSTAV WOLF model PAWO 819 W rope with a 6.5mm diameter and use of the new design COMPACT 126 tension weight. The one-way version of this governor will still be supplied with the 4mm DRAKO STX rope.

The QUASAR two-way governor can be supplied with a remote operating system or with an anti-creep system to comply with the A3.

Given its small size and its great features, along with an extremely competitive price, the QUASAR speed governor is an ideal solution for new and existing installations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding this matter, or consult the product specifications in the corresponding section of our website.

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