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26 October, 2015

Dynatech would like to sincerely thank all of the visitors who came by our stand during INTERLIFT 2015.

Our initial objective was to create a special work atmosphere where technical topics related to products could be discussed in a beneficial manner but that, at the same time, would allow for enjoyment and entertainment. In looking at the results, we believe that this objective was fully met.

Just one figure: 960 people enjoyed our simulator show in the four days that the fair lasted.

We are sure that everyone who visited has received ample information on our current products and on the new items that were presented and we also hope that you have enjoyed the show in the simulator as well as the 3D stereoscopic videos, the 2D videos and the special selection of Spanish cuisine that we brought for the event. If you would like, you may send us your valuable opinions through our blog, we would be very grateful.

Now having returned to our daily routines, we are continuing to develop new products and are also thinking about new ways to surprise you at the next INTERLIFT.

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