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From April 20th, and following the regulatory change, Dynatech will manufacture the safety gear IN-3000 G10, which will replace the IN-G10. All instantaneous safety gear manufactured by Dynatech, from that date on, for the 10mm guide rail will be the IN-3000 G10 model.

For frame manufacturers and installers, this change will not involve any modification to their practices; as the dimensions and attachment hole positions will be exactly the same as for the IN-G10.

The IN-3000 G10 safety gear is included in the general certificate for the IN-3000, according to the new standards EN-81:20 and EN-81:50 and the new Directive 2014/33/EU. This certificate and the updated manual will be issued on April 20th.

In addition, the maximum P+Q for its use has increased significantly (e.g. from 2348kg to 3364kg for a tripping speed of 1m/s).


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