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Dear Customer,

In line with our constant efforts to improve and bring more versatility to our products and following the suggestion of several of our customers, Dynatech has expanded its Quasar certification to include its conventional model covering new types of rope. Thus, in addition to the Gustav Wolf pawo 819W6.5mm rope, the Pfeifer Drako 250T 6mm and 6.5mm ropes can also be used.

The three rope types can be used in both the unidirectional and bidirectional models; therefore, as the unidirectional model is already covered and due to production reasons, the Quasar conventional 4mm rope model and its corresponding Compact 120 will no longer be manufactured after August.

To summarise:

Situation until August 2016

Quasar conventional format, unidirectional version – Drako STX4mm rope

Compact 120 associated with the unidirectional version and 4mm rope

Quasar conventional format, bidirectional version – Wolf rope 6.5mm pawo 819W

Compact 126 associated with the bidirectional version and6.5mmrope

Situation after August 2016

Quasar conventional format, unidirectional and bidirectional version – Gustav Wolf pawo 819W 6.5mm rope, and Pfeifer Drako 250T6mm and 6.5mm ropes.

Compact 126 associated with unidirectional and bidirectional version- the 3 types of rope.

NB. Quasar overspeed governors, in their delivered versions (Quasar SV and Quasar T-25), will still be used only with the Pfeifer Drako STX4mm rope



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    bonjour je suis youcef gerant de mon entreprise en maintenance industriel je recharche des para chute pour monte charge Pouvez-vous me aider?

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    S’il vous plaît remplir ce formulaire: http://www.dynatech-elevation.com/contacto_fr.htm

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