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Dear customers:

We hereby inform you that our Progressive Safety Gear PQ-3400 UD will no longer be manufactured as of July 1, 2019. However, Dynatech guarantees the spare parts that are necessary for all those PQ-3400 UDs that are in service.

Given the trend of our customers choosing to replace the PQ-3400 UD with the ASG-121 UD we have decided to retire the former form our catalogue in favour of the popular, successful and more modern ASG model.

Please allow us to dispel any rumors that exists regarding Dynatech’s intention to eliminate the PR and PQ families from the product range in favor of the ASG family. Whilst it is true that the versatility of the ASG family is much higher than the rest of the range of Safety Gears, Dynatech continues to sell safety components of all kinds and as long as there are orders relevant enough to any model, be it PR, PQ or IN, they will continue to be available in accordance with market demands.

Truly yours,

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