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23 July, 2019

Dear Customers,

Dynatech has recently modified certain aspects of its production policy. Previously, it subcontracted 100% of the machining of the components necessary for the assembly of its products. However, due fundamentally to the instability of the outsourcing market, we have seen the need to incorporate production resources within the company itself.

Dynatech has now formed its own machining section, with the following machinery in the first phase:

  • CNC horizontal machining centre with double pallet, MORI SEIKI NH4000 DCG
  • CNC vertical machining centre, OKUMA MB-56VB
  • CNC vertical machining centre, OKUMA GENOS M560-V
  • CNC vertical machining centre with double-pallet, DOOSAN VC510
  • CNC lathe, OKUMA GENOS L200e MY
  • Cutting centre, DOALL C3028NC

The decision behind this investment comes from our policy of continuous improvement. Dynatech is now in a position to offer you the following benefits:

1. Price stability: Dynatech cannot control the prices of electricity or taxes, but, at least, it will have a direct control on a highly significant part of product costs, which is machining. This way, we can avoid surprises from instability in the subcontracting market.

2. Improvement in delivery times: By having much less dependence on deliveries by third parties, our manufacturing flow will be entirely controlled by internal processes.

3. Total quality: Additionally, the Dynatech quality system will be applied from the moment machining is performed. Although subcontracted workshop premises are subject to periodic quality audits and parts are inspected when delivered to Dynatech, batches of parts can still be rejected due to not complying with the required quality. These rejects cause problems in the supply chain and consequent delays in deliveries. Now that we do our own machining, our quality personnel can perform constant, exhaustive controls on newly machined parts; thus ensuring 100% quality, as demanded by our products.

Finally, we would like to inform you that Dynatech will have a new product line in Interlift 2019. Our new machining section is ideally adapted to the manufacture of these new components.

Thank you for entrusting your safety to us.

Yours faithfully,

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