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Over a very faint phone line due to bad coverage, possibly because of the bad weather in the area, we were informed of the situation of the Aragonese mountaineers.

They have reached the Base Camp after completing what some call the prettiest trekking trail in the world. Behind them are emblematic masses such as Trango Tower, Chogolisa, Masembrum, K2 and Broad Peak, among others.

The group is currently undergoing a period of adaptation and relaxation at the Base Camp. This is to be their centre of operations for the forthcoming weeks. There are not many expeditions – four in all – although a few more are bound to start arriving. This BC is a meeting point every year for many different expeditions, given that the sister peak of G2, the Hidden Peak or G1 is also climbed from here.

Some groups have already set up C2, which will be helpful for the Aragonese expedition. At present they have several days of organisation, talks, adaptation and waiting to look forward to. The weather is irrelevant for them at present; it’s not good, but because they won’t be working at any significant altitude for the next two days then there’s nothing to worry about.


Caption. Adrián, Raúl, Carlos and Gonzalo behind K2

The trekkers have walked, smelt, seen, touched and felt the atmosphere of the Karakorum at an altitude and must now return; some with an uncontrollable desire to stay and continue the climb, others aware of the fact that things will only become harder, but all with the satisfaction of having shared a unique experience.

The forecast predicts an improvement to the weather in two or three days, which they will make the most of to set up C1. Step by step, patiently but decisively, a formula we hope will place our friends at the highest point of this mountain by the end of this month.

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