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22.07.11  10:00  h Pakistan
22.07.11  07:00  h Spain

At 10 a.m., Carlos Pauner reached the summit of the GII. He was alone, he arrived tired but with a clear head, aware of the fact that the real summit was below him. A difficult descent awaited him, as there was an unequipped section and every caution must be taken.

Raúl Martínez felt very cold and decided to stay at CIII. A wide decision. Raúl knows what ‘freezing cold’ is all about. He suffered the amputation of two of his toes as a result of freezing (on his ascent of Nanga Parbat 8125 m). On realising his health, his hydration levels, his strength and with a ‘cold’ head, he decided to give up. An exemplary gesture and actions praiseworthy of the person taking them. He fought like a titan, accompanying Carlos to the highest refuge, which was bound to be his prime reason for reaching CIII. He is a man of extreme generosity who looks out for the interests of others rather than his own. I am unaware of his current situation, but he will be somewhere on this mountain where he can be of use and not get in the way. Having Raúl nearby is extremely fortunate; those who know him are very lucky.

Francisco Mateo – Managing Director of Dynatech-elevation – called yesterday to take a personal interest in the health of Raúl, Adrián and Carlos and showed the typical concern of someone who is familiar with great challenges. He asked about Adrián, whether he had arrived safely and whether he was physically and mentally fit, and then about Raúl and Carlos. He asked me to tell him as soon as I had any news. He is another man with exemplary behaviour, someone who never shies away, who appears whenever he can offer his help and who adds but never takes away. Thanks for everything, Fran.

We will inform you as soon as we have any more news.


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