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Dynatech begins to market the new QUASAR overspeed governor in its three versions:

  • Standard QUASAR
  • QUASAR T25

It is a small governor with a 120mm-pulley diameter to be initially used with a 4mm-steel rope. Dynatech intends to continue developing this governor to improve its features as well as to be used with other type of ropes. As soon as any further improvement in its use is achieved, we will let you know.

These three versions are explained below:

  • Standard QUASAR:

One-way overspeed governor with a Ø120mm pulley made up, on one hand, of the main pulley and, on the other hand, of the tensioning pulley. Its reduced size allows it to be fitted in very small shafts. Tripping speeds range from 0.3 m/s to 2.63 m/s. The drawings and pictures of this model are provided below:

Drawing including dimensions click here


Photo 1

Thanks to the small pulley used, a STAR governor has been obtained but with a much smaller size. It is perfect for cantilever-type lifts. It incorporates a remote or anti-creep interlocking system that can also perform the remote tripping function at the same time. The drawings and pictures of the product are provided below.

Drawing including dimensions click here

Photo 2. Example of use in a cantilever frame

  • QUASAR T25:

Photo 1

A real gem. Along with ASG safety gears, which exceed 4000 Kg of P+Q, both safety gear and governor are combined in a single part. The resulting safety unit has a very small and compact size and, thus, it may be suitably used in reduced pits, since the space required is below 120 mm, if fitted at the bottom of the frame. Furthermore, the system is ready to be used in guide rails both in standard and reversed position.

As can be seen, the number of combinations of the different safety elements to cover the same scope of application can be reduced thanks to QUASAR T25, along with ASG safety gear’s features. Therefore, if our customer chooses this system, lower manufacturing costs are guaranteed.

As in model SV, you can choose between the remote or anti-creep tripping systems.

Please find attached plans and drawings illustrating both the product and its different uses:

Drawing including dimensions click here

Photo 2
1. Main pulley built in the steering mechanism
2. Movable diverter pulley

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5. QUASAR T25
Example of use in reduced pits. The installation of split guide shoes above the safety gears is highly recommended.

Photo 6. Minimum space required.
Distance to the ground below 120 mm

Summary table explaining the three models with their corresponding planned on-sale dates:





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You will receive the price list including the new products soon.

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