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Dear customer,

Dynatech hereby informs you that a new service is to be enabled on its website in the following days: The Customer Area. This service aims at providing you with a better and more customised attention.

To access the customer area, the user name and password we will provide you to access for the first time, will be required; however, once you have accessed, the password is to be changed by another of your choice, one that is easier to remember.

 Once in this area, you may find much more information than the one available on our traditional website up to date. To reach this goal, the website is divided into the following sections:

  • Rates: Here you may find the prices of the products according to the conditions you have negotiated with Dynatech. Any new product will be added without requiring to send you a new list. The list will continue to be interactive, displaying full information on the product if you require so, by just clicking on the product name.
  • Documents: In this section, you may download any document you require at all times: Certificates of standardisation, quality system, Directive on Lifts, documents from the Notified Bodies, specific Drawings, Videos, Manuals to replace components, etc. The structure of this section will make your fast search for a document easier.
  • Technical Queries: Just select the type of component your query refers to and enter the content of the query, so that the system directly sends your communication to the Dynatech person specialising in that product. Response will be much quicker this way.
  • GSS: Dynatech has developed new software to select TORNADO gearless machines. It is more powerful and complete than the previous one.
  • Orders: In this section, you may select the products you require and directly send the orders, if you wish to use this process.  The system will guide you in the selection and assist you at all times in order to prevent the lack of data or errors in the combinations of particular components, which usually causes a great waste of time in order processing as well as a risk of selecting the incorrect product. In the case of machines, it will be linked to the prior compliance with the report from the GSS. You can always save a copy of the orders placed as well as of the technical reports of the machine selection.
  • News: This section displays all the news edited, either per date or label: Expeditions, products, certificates, holiday closures, etc.
  • Latest news: Every time a new piece of news is broadcasted, it will be personally received by you in this section, so that all the news, since the last time you accessed the customer area, will be displayed.
  • My account: In this section you may change either your user name or password to access this service, as well as the rest of data connected to your account. Please bear in mind the natural mobility of people within the companies they work for. For your own security, it is recommended to change the password the moment the user changes or is no longer professionally linked with your company.

Throughout this week, this new section will be enabled on our website; at first, only with the Tornado Gearless Machine selection (GSS) program. The rest of the above-mentioned modules will be gradually added and you will be duly informed about it.

In short, you will also receive an e-mail informing you about all the e-mail addresses within your company to which access to this area will be directly assigned by default, to which user name and password will be sent, so that you may be aware of it and in case you wish some of the addresses not to have access, or the address is no longer available, etc. Finally, you will individually receive another e-mail including your user name and password.

2 answers a “New Dynatech Customer Area on our website”

  1. FATZAUN Georges Dice:


    very good news !!

    Can you send me the new password.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Grzegorz Dice:

    It might be easier in use.
    Please send password

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