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Our entire range of progressive safety gears may be installed in Tandem configuration.

Tandem configuration consists of fitting two units of safety gears into the frame instead of a single one, as usual. This configuration allows doubling the range of the total mass (P+Q) the safety gears may brake, and is valid for the entire range of interlocking rails in Dynatech’s driving bars.

In order to make the assembly and use of Tandem configuration easier, Dynatech designed a system based on the ASG safety gears and their T25 driving bars, both in unidirectional and bidirectional versions. This system has the advantage that only requires a single driving bar shaft. For the system to operate correctly, it is important that the frame manufacturer observes the distances included in the manual for use and maintenance.

There is no pre-set system or configuration for the rest of the Dynatech’s progressive safety gear range, the customer being responsible for fitting the system and manufacturing any element required for its correct operation.

Dynatech has checked the reliability of the Tandem configuration in the entire range of progressive safety gears by making free fall tests in accordance with the official standardisation criteria.

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> SAFETY GEAR FOR LARGE LOADS. TANDEM CONFIGURATION -> SAFETY GEAR FOR LARGE LOADS. TANDEM CONFIGURATION (Click here)

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