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17 July, 2013

“We’ve got the photo! It was a long time coming due to the number of public and private commitments that both Carlos and Raúl had to deal with and the fact that the photo had to be processed so that it could be seen properly (it was taken at dawn and with the sun behind Carlos), but at last we can show it to you.

Quite frankly, we would not know how to classify the appearance of the peak of Everest after the monumental “collage” formed on its surface by items left there by visitors, either as a reminder or for any other reason, but let’s just say that it’s…… “colourful”.

At dawn and at 35 degrees below zero, following the great efforts involved in the all-night climb, you can see how Carlos – with a wince rather than a smile – places our company’s name on the world’s highest peak. Mission accomplished!

Our most sincere congratulations and thanks to all the members of our mountaineering team for such a brilliant end to a long, worthy sporting achievement that has placed the name of Dynatech on the highest peaks of the planet.

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