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Dear customer,

As reported in 2013, Dynatech has a new service available on its website: The Customer Area. This service is aimed at providing you with better and more personalised attention. This area may be accessed from the main menu on our website under the tab: CUSTOMERS

A user name and password, already supplied to most of you earlier, is required in order to access the referred Customer area for the first time. Once you have accessed it, you should change your password to one of your choice, something easy to remember.

We have noticed that many customers have not accessed the area yet. Should any user have lost the e-mail sent to them, including his/her username and password, or should they wish to register, please send an e-mail to this address, support@dynatech-elevation.com, and we will send you a new username and password.

The following sections were available up until now:

  • GSS: New software developed by Dynatech to select TORNADO gearless machines. It is more powerful and complete than the previous software.
  • News: This section displays all the news edited, either by date or label: Expeditions, products, certificates, holiday closures, etc.

A new section is to be added this week:

  • Documents: In this section, you may download any document you require at any time: Instructions for Use and Maintenance, Certificates for: Standardisation, from the Quality System and the Directive on Lifts, documents from Notified Bodies, specific Drawings, Videos, Manuals for replacing components, etc. The structure of this section will make quick searches for documents easier.

On the other hand, we would like to highlight that every time we modify a Manual, Certificate… or a new Document is added to that area, which concerns you, you will receive an e-mail informing you of this change; therefore, you will be duly informed in real time of any change made in our product’s Documentation.

After this step, in the following days, we will replace most of the documentation available on our website, as you know, so that you will have to access the referred Customer Area in order to access and download the documentation.  That is the reason why, in your own interest, we recommend that you register or request to register for that Area soon.

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