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22 October, 2014

On October 19, our flag was finally handed back by the group of climbers from Dynatech. This was the final act in the process – started in 2009 – of seeing the name of Dynatech on the most important summits in the world, including Everest.


The celebration, though informal, began with a cocktail to welcome guests at an entertaining dinner, followed by some imitation waiters who were cracking jokes and having fun with the diners all night. When the dessert came, the flag was handed over by our mountaineers, and Dynatech, in turn, gave them some gifts as a thank you for their efforts and the success achieved for Dynatech during this time. After the event, all the attendees danced along with a band until the small hours of the morning.

From now on, this flag will be standing in our main meeting room on the top floor of the tallest tower which, curiously, is called the Everest Room.

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