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This system is formed by two supports or braces that are attached to the new design or existing (renewed) frame.

The system acts as support for all Dynatech progressive safety gear, as well as its associated linkage. Adaptability for the installation of the most common slide or roller guide shoes sold commercial has also been foreseen.

Dynatech has taken the versatility of the RENO support system to its extreme, as it has been designed to include our QUASAR T25 governor that involves an unequalled leap in quality in the Market: This solution allows for the updating of not only the frame but also the entire lift in terms of safety, leading to significant savings for those wishing to renew an installation, thanks to a one-piece safety unit (safety gear + governor).

Important note: Please be reminded that Dynatech offers the D-BOX electronics for the full updating of a lift with UCM (A3) control, even in the case of old installations. Please visit the UCM solutions section of our website for further information.

Dynatech has tested the rigidity of the RENO system in freefall and under the strictest and most demanding conditions possible, thus guaranteeing its reliability. In turn, the installation different options available allow for different support widths, providing great adaptability for the complex diversity of frames.

Dynatech one or two-way safety components, installable on the RENO support system, for supply in just one safety unit:

Governors: QUASAR T25

Safety gear: The entire range of PR, PQ and ASG progressives, with their associated linkage T1, T2, T3, T25 and T25 UD.

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