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Camp IV

Uncertainty until the end. The weather forecast is not good. Besides, these forescasts are no longer reliable. The abundant snowfalls in the last days are doing harder this adventure. The Raulés and Adrián have not finished the task on this mountain. They have to descend in very sensitive circumstances.

Snowfalls have erased the footprint, surely there will be snow covered the material left in the CIII, (sleds, skis, rubbish and some food). Raúl informed us that they are going to descend roped, they are going to join to two austrian to configure a strong rope, a strong group of five people who can work together and ensure the descent utmost. When they arrive at CIII, they have the arduous task of shoveling and bringing their goods out into the light. From this point, they will have to analyse again the descent until the CII or CI. The Austrian people do not go with skis, so it could delay our climbers. But if conditions are not favourable, they will have to analyse the situation and take a decision.

News are not encouraging, yestarday a group of climbers fell into a snow covered crack, fortunately there is only one person with several broken ribs and the others have suffered some injuries which have to be seen by a Doctor.

The cracks which had to be avoided along the ascent, were discovered and were evident, these cracks have now become death traps. The climbers know of their existence, but they do not know where exactly they are, maybe some of them can be guessed but others not. Apart from this, this route has to be done in the middle of a snowstorm, opening footpring, sinking in the snow to who knows where. This mountain is very hard, but the reward, the real summit, is in Talkeetna and until then they can not relax.

The Denali have put them to the test until the end and, day to day, they are overcoming it.

Their intentions are clear, they want to descend and descend and contiue descending if possible, without a defined destiny, (CIII, CII, CI), when they decide to stop to sleep, they will inform us of their situation, sorrows and plans.

They are cheerful, but cautiously.

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