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11 July, 2011


The alarm clock went off at three a.m. at the start of what has been a long day. As forecast, it was snowing. At four a.m., after a light breakfast because you’re not at all hungry at that time, the entire group started the climb C1. After ten minutes, Gonzalo decided to turn back, not feeling strong enough to continue. Raúl, Carlos and Adrián carried on, battling against the snow, and after eight long hours reached C1. They have set up their tents and plan to spend the night there.

The route from the BC to C1 runs along a glacier full of cracks. The falling snow is not great for vision and covers all of the cracks, making them death traps for mountaineers. Extra effort is therefore required, overcoming the altitude and being extremely careful to avoid the hidden cracks.

Raúl’s voice was as calm as usual, that’s the best message. They have the usual altitude problems but are optimistic and physically in shape. The three will spend the night in a small tent. They were just melting snow for water and preparing a tasty dinner that is typical at altitudes: soup with pasta.

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