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After years of working hard on several projects, Dynatech will launch its latest developments and patents at INTERLIFT.

From now to the Interlift celebration date (Augsburg, October 2011), information concerning the new products to be exhibited at the fair will be published on our website. Nevertheless, please find below information on the developments which will be approved and EN 81-1 A3 certified by then, as well as on the rest of our current range of products:

  • New QUASAR speed governor: QUASAR (Astronomy), “A quasi-stellar object, extremely compact and with high power and luminosity” Our QUASAR Governor is the heir to STAR technology, with a reduced 120 mm diameter but with a large range of applications, much larger than that of the current Dynatech governors.
  • INTEGRAL System: “A new concept in safety systems”. Safety gear and speed governor fitted in a single part. This system is multifunctional for any type of frames, thus reducing both the cost of its manufacture and the gap between the car floor and the lift’s shaft pit to the minimum.

At present, new products, such as the following ASG range safety gear models, are being designed: ASG-200 and ASG-200-UD. These may not be approved in time for the fair but may be displayed during it and their features disclosed in accordance with the preliminary tests.

TORNADO gearless machines also incorporate new components: Bed plates for roomless lifts, bed plates for refurbishments, manual rescue system, adaptable pulley protections, etc.

Even though the INTEGRAL system will be a true revolution in the lift sector, it will not be the only one. At any typical fair, exhibitors usually show their current and future products; what has never been seen before is that exhibitors both show their products and offer a different kind of business to their customers which they can incorporate to the current one without having to include additional costs. Therefore, the turnover is increased but the costs remain fixed. Dynatech is to launch a series of products which will be seen at Interlift and which are part of the Energy Efficient Building philosophy.

An opportunity not to be missed: INTERLIFT 2011.

In order to develop all the above-mentioned products, it is clear that the company has a considerable technological capacity and can rely on supports with proven technical competence. What you are going to see now is not a product sold or expected to be sold by Dynatech. What you are going to see is a vehicle for technological demonstration. Specifically, it is a multipurpose tool vehicle, remotely-operated, articulated, with comprehensive traction and hydrogen battery powered system.  The participants in this development are:

  • The University of Zaragoza, Doctor of Engineering, Mr. Mario Maza coordinating the project.
  • The Laboratorio de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Combustión (LITEC) developing the two PEM (proton exchange membrane) type batteries.
  • The company Electrónica Cerler, S.A. developing the required electronic boards.
  • The Fundación para el Desarrollo en Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón (FH2A), promoting the project.
  • DYNATECH, sponsoring the project with the participation of Dynatech’s Integration Laboratory Director, Mr. Ramón del Cacho, and developing the entire vehicle’s kinematics and the integration of all its components for its correct final operation.

Dr. Mario Maza, from the University of Zaragoza and Dr. Félix Barreras from LITEC, explain in two videos the vehicle’s functionality and degree of technical complexity (in Spanish).

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Mario Maza vídeo Félix Barreras vídeo

An authentic Lunar Rover.  To see its performance on site, please watch this video:

If you now want to find out how this vehicle is made up and what with, as well as the technology used, please pay attention to the following images:

  1. Front.
  2. Rear:  Space for the drivers.
  3. Rear.  Data andVehicle’s parameters display screen.
  4. Rear General view: Explanation of other parts of the vehicle.
  5. General view: Mr. Ramón del Cacho with the remote operation emitter (Remote Control).

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