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In 2009 Dynatech created a new technical development department, independent from our R&D department for safety components: The Integration Laboratory. The purpose of this new department was, and still is, the technological development of new projects that are not connected with the company’s main product, whether they were started by Dynatech or originated from collaborations with other companies, research centres, technological institutes, etc.

It had a double purpose: On one hand, Dynatech had the opportunity to diversify its technological activities in sectors outside of the lift industry, which, therefore, implied the possibility of developing an industrial product and even participating in its subsequent industrialisation process, given that Dynatech has been involved in this process since its conception. On the other hand, working in multidisciplinary environments with so many diverse applications and technologies allowed Dynatech to take advantage of knowledge and techniques, not from our sector, that can be applied to current and future products, in a constantly improving benchmarking process.

The results of this initiative, among others not mentioned, have been the collaboration and the provision of solutions to companies such as EADS (see related news story), the development of a hydrogen vehicle with other companies and research centres (see related news story), Dynatech’s design for a vertical axis wind turbine, which has made a lot of progress but is still in development (see related video), etc.

At present, apart from other on-going projects, we would like to highlight that our Integration Department is collaborating with the “Group of Thermal Properties of Materials” from the Materials Science Institute of Aragon (Spanish National Research Council –CSIC (for its Spanish abbreviation)-, the University of Zaragoza –UNIZAR (for its Spanish abbreviation)-) and the University of Zaragoza’s Condensed Matter Physics Department, to create a test bench for a magnetic refrigeration system, to be used in a lab, which incorporates Halbach permanent magnet rotors.

This project is coordinated by professors Mr Ramón Burriel and Mr Elías Palacios. Mr David Velázquez and Mr Jesús Beltrán, the collaborating engineers, monitor the project, perform the simulations and process the results. Mr Ramón del Cacho, from Dynatech, is the support technician for kinematics and control.

This project, of great technological contribution, is backed by BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte).

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