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25 January, 2022

This one was his 14th. Now that’s some achievement!

Finally, he finished in 20th position, which is very good; especially considering Juan’s bike costs about €35,000 and the front runners’ bikes about €450,000 (without wanting to take anything away from these competitors, of course, who all rode exceptionally well).

Congratulations, Juan. Now you can focus on the rest of the rallies in this 2022 season just starting. Dynatech will be with you all the way!

On April 26th, 2021, we announced on our website that Dynatech was celebrating its 25th year, but that we could not celebrate our anniversary, due to the pandemic. We also informed you that we were continuing to work on a new website and with new products and developments. However, much to our regret, the new website is being delayed, simply because we are unable to update the company photographs into our new website. This is because the expansion work at our plant is taking considerably longer than expected, given its complexity; however, we are almost there.

We can though offer you a new development that is a farther improvement on our electromechanical safety gear. This development is offered as an option, and consists of the mechanical decoupling of the holding and reset coils, allowing for subsequent independent monitoring of the reset coil as well. For further information, please consult the new manuals in the customer area.

Yours sincerely,

To see the Christmas click here

Dear Customers,

We would like you to know that Dynatech will not have its own stand at Interlift next April for two main reasons:

  1. Because certain things happened at Interlift 2019 regarding the organisation of the fair which disappointed us, and
  2.  We have decided to put the main focus on our 26th anniversary celebrations on May 27th, 2022.

This is not to say that Dynatech will not be present at Interlift. Our distributors have a stand and Dynatech will send them products and engineering to support them as much as possible. In addition, many customers will have their stands and be exhibiting their solutions together with our latest safety component developments.

Finally, don’t miss our Christmas greetings this year, as there will be a surprise.

Kind regards,

15 December, 2021

Dear Customers,

For the second year, Dynatech has renewed its Corporate Social Responsibility stamp, awarded by our regional Government of Aragon.

This stamp is an endorsement of the policies that Dynatech follows in terms of sustainability, promotion of stable employment, social action and backing for sport, for example.

Also, as it did last year, Dynatech has sent 5 tons of food to the Zaragoza Food Bank, to be distributed to needy families.


Below is a photo of the donation delivery:

On the left, Mr. José Ignacio Alfaro, President of the Zaragoza Food Bank Foundation and on the right, Mr. Javier Sastre, our Production Manager.

10 December, 2021

Please take note we will be closed for the Christmas period from December 24th to January 7th (inclusive).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Joan Pedrero finished 15th in last year’s Dakar 2021, ahead of all his teammates in the Rieju team. In addition, he won the Rally Mil Dunas, which primarily rewards mastery of navigation, which is Joan’s speciality. Particularly noteworthy was the achievement of the title of European Rally Raids champion, as well as his first position in the Rally Hispania: showing the impressive level of competitiveness he has.

On January 2nd, the challenge begins again in Saudi Arabia and Dynatech continues its commitment to this athlete on two wheels for the entire season. Let’s see how far he can take us on his motorbike. Soon is the return of the Dakar, for which we wish him better luck than in the last, unfortunate edition (although falling off his bike at over 140 km/h and only dislocating two fingers could actually be considered very lucky). Given what happened, his 15th place in the final classification is even more commendable.

Joan’s goal is to participate in the same competitions as last season and, if possible, improve on the results: Dakar, Mil Dunas, Rally Hispania, Baja … I wonder what great surprises this season has in store for us; although, for the moment, we can’t comment about it. However, we will do. We’ll keep you informed.

Dynatech supports you and wishes you well. Good luck, Joan!


On November 2nd, Dynatech renewed the Aragón Social Responsibility (RSA) stamp it obtained last year.

This new recognition by the Aragonese Development Institute, part of the Government of Aragon, confirms the good work our company has been doing in various fields and disciplines over a number of years.


Dynatech successfully passed the renewal audits for the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System and Annex VII of the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive that took place on October 2, 5 and 6, last year.

We now have the new certificates in the following languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

The latest version of these certificates is always available at the footer of our website: www.dynatech-elevation.com.

You can also download them directly from here using the links below:

22 October, 2021

Please be advised that our company will remain closed on 1st.November due to national holidays.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

8 October, 2021

Please be informed that our company will remain closed next 11 and 12th October, due to national holidays.

We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.

Dear Customers,

As you know, following Brexit and the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, the CE marking for all safety components exported to the United Kingdom is being replaced by the UKCA marking. However, the CE marking can still be used until January 1st, 2022.

We have recently received a major update from the UK government on this: It announced that the CE marking will be accepted in the UK market until January 1st, 2023; representing a 1-year extension of the initial transition period.

More information can be found on the following website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukca-marking.

Dynatech continues to carry out the necessary steps to transfer the current certifications, according to the EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards, to the new UKCA certificates for all our products. However, despite the recent announcement, we are going to maintain our initial plan; therefore, our goal will still be to have the new certificates this year.

We will keep you informed as we have more information.


16 June, 2021

Dear customers,

Please be aware that Dynatech will be closed during weeks 32 and 33 in 2021; specifically, from 3.30 pm, Friday, August 6 to 7.30 am, Monday, August 23.

We have been forced to close an additional week this year, as we are making improvements to our business premises.

Best regards,

Dear customers,

Thanks to you, Dynatech turns 25 today. Thank you very much for your loyalty and trust in our brand!

Unfortunately and much to our regret, this year we will not be able to celebrate it; not even at home, given the circumstances. Regrettably, these are the times we live in.

However, we won’t mind celebrating it on our 25th + 1 or + 2 anniversary, but we want to do so in person with you, as guests of honour at an event we hope is worth remembering – both for what unites us and for the end of this intractable pandemic.

Meanwhile, without yet celebrating but looking forward to the moment we can, we will continue working to provide you with what you deserve.

As a preview of what is to come, this year we hope you can enjoy a new Dynatech website; more modern, updated and operational. Our company will also be equipped with expanded, modernised facilities with more production resources; and, of course, with new products and innovations.

Finally, and we will not tire of repeating it, we want to convey our sincere gratitude to you for allowing us to reach our first 25 years.

Dear customers,
We will be closed on April 23rd for a regional bank holiday.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

12 April, 2021

Dear Customers,

Dynatech has completed its cost update process and has prepared the corresponding price list.

This new list will be effective from May 1, 2021, and so will be used for any order received in Dynatech after that date.

The new prices will be displayed in the customer area on the day of their application: May 1, 2021.

This is because our website, and therefore the customer area, is integrated into our ERP system; and any changes have to be made at the same time on both the website and in the ERP system.

However, if you request the new list via e-mail: info@dynatech-elevation.com, Dynatech will send it to you in advance

As always, Dynatech sincerely thanks you for your trust in our brand.

Yours faithfully,

29 March, 2021

Dear customers,

Dynatech wrote a news article on September 24, 2018 about the proliferation of emails impersonating its identity.

Lately, we have seen that fraudulent emails have been sent from email addresses very similar to ours for example, instead of being “dynatech-elevation” they used “dynateck-elevation”.

This type of phishing is typosquatting or combosquatting. The enclosed message may simply be to say that Dynatech has changed its bank account number in an attempt at fraud.

This has actually happened but, fortunately, the customer was alert and not fooled.

Dynatech has not modified its bank accounts in recent years and, if it were to do so, would inform you through an official corporate communication leaving no doubt about its authenticity; not in a simple, brief e-mail.

Please pay close attention to any small detail that might make you suspicious; a criminal may be behind it.

If you have received such an e-mail about our bank accounts, or any other e-mail attempting to supplant our identity, please notify us and forward it to us as soon as you can, if this is possible.

Finally, let us repeat the content of our message of 24/09/18, since it is as relevant today as ever:

“Although you will already be aware, we would like to remind you of several things to take into account when identifying these unwanted emails and to prevent their use and propagation:

  1. These may contain links (links to websites), which are considered to be potentially dangerous. Valid Dynatech emails will never ask you to provide a password or click on any link except informative links that always carry our web addresses that contain “dynatech-elevation.com”.
  2. They contain files sent as attachments, which are potentially dangerous if they are opened or executed. We recommend that you make sure before opening the files and, if you have any questions, consult us about the authenticity of it or if we have sent you that e-mail, using a different e-mail (do not reply to the mail you consider may be malicious) or by telephone.
  3. Make sure that all the addresses that appear are from the dynatech-elevation.com for communication from staff and the domain dynatech-core.com for general communications and management related to our client area. Previously, some of these emails had addresses of free providers such as @ gmail.com @ hotmail.com @ yahoo.com. It is common to have slight misspelt versions of well-known or established domain names, but careful analysis can reveal these irregularities.”

Dynatech will inform the authorities of any crime or attempted crime against it or any of its customers.

Yours faithfully,

Dear customers,

Please note that our VEGA overspeed governor has been certified for use under seismic conditions, according to the requirements of the EN 81-77 standard. The general dimensions and mechanical and electrical features are the same as for a VEGA overspeed governor.

We now have the new certificates and new use and maintenance manuals, which can be found in our customer area. They can be consulted for further information.



5 March, 2021

Finally, we got to meet Juan after his magnificent performance at the Dakar Rally 2021.

We wanted him to tell us in person about this adventure and this is what he told us:

- Dynatech: Welcome, Juan and congratulations on the extraordinary Dakar that you raced this year. How did it go and, above all, how are you feeling?

- Juan: Well, this was a very, very difficult Dakar, especially because of the fall I had. It was extremely hard because you find yourself physically drained and with your head spinning.

But I’m definitely happy to have finished it. I was struggling a lot to finish, since I was more outside than in. But, above all, because I was able to bring brands like Dynatech that supported me right to the end, that’s the important thing; as well as finishing in a good 15th position.

Little by little, I’m recovering from the injury to my finger, knee and ankle; and, in fact, because I feel a bit better now, we’ve already started training again.

- Dynatech: You had a bad crash in one of the intermediate stages. What happened to you and how did it affect you for the rest of the Dakar?

- Juan: That was a very hard day for me. It was a 550 km stage and, at 500 km, I fell when I was riding at 140-145 km/h. I lost consciousness and I can’t remember anything else.

A colleague saw me fall and explained to me what happened – because I couldn’t remember. I did the last 50 km of the stage as best I could, but I didn’t remember anything until I reached the finish line and saw where I was on the Dakar banners. At the finish, a friend who is a member of the organisation panel, told me to go and see the medics as my finger was completely bent. My head was spinning and I went to the organisation’s hospital.

They gave me a check-up there and told me that I shouldn’t ride the next day.

But I didn’t want to give up. I was determined and told them to give me an injection so I could continue, and they did.

Following the fall, I lost 10 minutes every day; because I had to sit down on the bike, as I couldn’t stand up with my knee as it was.

But, gradually, I recovered, and in the last stage I managed to finish in 7th position.

- Dynatech: The competition is very tough, even in the team itself, where you managed to finish ahead of your Rieju teammates. Is that always very important to you: to be the first in your team? Do you think one day you might get a podium finish? You’ve come close in a number of Dakar rallies; with two 5th places under your belt.

- Juan: It is possible to be with the frontrunners, but you need a certain amount of resources. The official bikes run a lot, the official teams are very large and they have a lot of information. If you are always chasing, the Arabian Desert is different.

Also, the younger riders are very strong, with a lot of resources and with very powerful bikes; they have very good information on the stages and, unfortunately, there is not much navigation, which is what suits me very well …

Official motorbikes cost between from €300,000 to €400,000; mine is worth €35,000. That’s another difference.

- Dynatech: You’re a veteran of this event now, having been to 13 rallies. Will there be a 14th?

- Juan: Definitely! There’s a 14th edition for me because I feel very well physically. I have a lot of pace, a lot of navigation, I’m very competitive and I don’t lack courage! The same goes for the sponsors who are always there helping me. I really like the bike and I’m still very motivated.

I really want to see what happens in the next Dakar. There’s a lack of navigation, so I’m sure things are going to change. We can’t go at an average of 126 km/h in the stages, so I think more navigation is going to change things.

- Dynatech: And what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

- Juan: 2021 starts with new projects. We hope we can practise, as the pandemic is hitting us hard. We have things in mind, but nothing confirmed at the moment. There is something pretty big related to image, but … little by little I’ll tell you about it.

Juan, a big man, well over 6 feet, capable of flying across the desert sands – and how!

The Dynatech management team, meeting Juan at the entrance. From left to right:

Javier Sastre (Production Director), Ramón del Cacho (Integration Laboratory Director), Javier Andreu (Quality Director), Beatriz Pueyo (Purchasing Director), Francisco Mateo (CEO), Miguel Caballero (Administration Director), Juan Pedrero, Víctor Navaz (R&D co-director), Olga Lacámara (R&D Director)

We are delighted to inform you that we now have the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, Annex VII Certificate, issued by the accredited body Tüv.

Download certificate

The Dakar is extremely hard and today the motorcycle rider, Pierre Cherpin, lost his life. Our condolences to his family, team and friends.

Juan Pedrero knows very well what is at stake for the drivers. He himself had an accident in one of the stages at 130 km/h which, fortunately, only resulted in cuts and bruises. However, it did affect his physical condition for half the competition.

Today he finished 7th in the last stage and achieved 15th position overall; he was also ahead of his two teammates, Oriol Mena and Marc Calmet. So, in the end, an extraordinary result and we offer him our sincerest congratulations!

We are waiting for Juan to return to work so he can tell us in person how tough this Dakar 2021 really was.

Well done, Juan!

10 December, 2020

Now, more than ever, we need to help out all those people who are having a really bad time, especially as a result of the pandemic.

Every day on Spanish TV, we see more and more people going to soup kitchens and food banks just to be able to feed themselves and their families.

Nobody, with a minimum of sensitivity, could sit idly by watching this emergency situation without doing anything they could to help, to the best of their ability.

Thus, Dynatech has decided to increase its Christmas food supply very considerably this year, from 1 ton to 5 tons.

Even our representative in the Dakar, Juan Pedrero, has drastically reduced his sponsorship fees to help increase the amount of food given in this donation. This is very much appreciated and shows what a great person he is.

However, he will not be short of fuel this year, and we hope he can play a magnificent role in next year’s Dakar 2021. But that’s another story, which we’ll tell you about later …

Below is a photo of the donation delivery:

On the left, our R&D director, Olga Lacámara; in the centre, José Ignacio Alfaro, President of the Zaragoza Food Bank Foundation; and, on the right, Juan Pedrero, our Dakar representative.

13 August, 2020

Dear Customers,

Dynatech is pleased to announce the certification of the DA (single acting) and DA-UD (bi-directional) electromechanical activation systems. The links to download both certificates, as issued by the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE, are provided below:

- DA electromechanical activation system (single acting)

- DA-UD electromechanical activation system (bi-directional)

These new electromechanical systems have been designed to activate the current ASG and ASG UD progressive safety gears, which are well known to our customers.

There have been no changes in the qualification approval for these safety gears; with the same range of use and technical and dimensional features.

Linking the DA and DA-UD electromechanical activation systems with the ASG and ASG UD mechanical safety gears has resulted in the eASG (single acting) and eASG UD (bi-directional) electromechanical safety gears. We believe that naming them this way makes things much simpler.

As can be seen on the certificates, there are 2 electromechanical activation subtypes: one with a single coil and PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) and another with a double coil: one for resetting and the other for retention.

Dynatech is going to market the dual coil subtype only.

How should the electromechanical safety gear be connected to the rest of the electronic components?

In theory, it is very simple. The 2 reset coils (1 for each side) have to be managed by the controller.

The 2 retaining coils (1 for each side) must be managed by the SIL3 electronic encoder or overspeed governor, as this controls the safety line.

What advantages does the electromechanical safety gear have over the conventional type?

Although the electromechanical safety gear needs to be commanded by an SIL3 category electronic encoder or overspeed governor (therefore, the cost of these must be added), many other components associated with a conventional safety gear are not required: overspeed governor, tensioning pulley, driving bar (linkage).

In addition, other components – in the lift shaft itself – are not required; such as the floor magnets, limit switches and even the buffer, in the case of EN81-21.

All this entails both a saving in material as well as installation costs, so we believe the final cost should be cheaper.

And, of course, maintenance costs will also be reduced by having fewer items in constant motion.

Very important: user safety will increase significantly, as the response time of the safety gear– if triggered – is immediate; this does not happen in the conventional, mechanical configuration of safety gear + overspeed governor.

What advantages does our electromechanical safety gear provide?

- In normal daily use of the lift, consumption will be very low as only the retaining coil will operate.

This coil keeps the engagement rollers in their set position, allowing the lift to move. If the lift is not used for a certain period of time, the controller can be programmed to switch the retaining coil off, whereupon the energy consumption will drop to zero (in Sleep or Stand-by mode). In this state, the rollers rest on the guide rail so, if there is a UCM, they will come into operation.

When a user presses the call button, the reset coil retracts the rollers towards the retaining coil to hold them in their set position. All this takes place long before the user enters the lift.

- Because of the performance of the double coil, Dynatech can improve the safety of lift installers during the installation process in the shaft. We are working on an option to be able to offer it in the shortest possible time.

It is based on the “dead man” technology used in trains and is an electronic box with a battery to power the electromechanical safety gear coils. This box has a button which has to be pressed constantly so that the rollers stay in their set position and allow the hoist to lift or lower the frame (this can be that of the lift itself, thus saving time).

Once the person stops pressing the button, the retaining coil is disconnected and the rollers will make contact with the guide rail.

If this happens because the installation process needs to be continued, the rollers will be in Stand-by and not interlock. However, if it happens by accident and the frame keeps moving, the safety gear will engage and stop the frame.

- Another of the main advantages of our electromechanical safety gear is that each status (set, stand-by or engaged) has its corresponding contact that monitors it on both sides. If you have remote technical assistance, using your control, you will be able to both monitor the safety gear status and operate it, even from your office.

Quite simply, there is nothing like it.


We are currently working to add these new products into our product range on both our website and ERP.

It is all so new, that we are still translating the use and maintenance instructions and certificates themselves into the different languages we usually offer.

However, while we are finishing this process, if you want us to forward these instructions to you or if you need any additional information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you very much for trusting in Dynatech.

Dear customers,

As you already know, our company will be closed for the summer holidays between August 17-21, inclusive.

Taking advantage of this closure, we plan to carry out electrical and computer maintenance at our site during this time. As a result, from August 14th, 4.00 pm until August 24th, 9.00 am some of the services normally available to you in the CUSTOMERS section of our website, www.dynatech-elevation.com, may be affected, and some may even be inoperative.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dear customers,

We have added this new product to its corresponding section on our website. In this section, you can see both the SIL 2 certificate and the usage and maintenance instructions for this product in summary format.

If you want to download the entire documentation, please go to the CUSTOMER AREA on our website.

If you need further information, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


2 April, 2020

Dear Clients,

As usual, DYNATECH is making every effort to keep you as informed and up to date as possible with regard to all the aspects involving our relationship. We therefore consider it relevant to inform you of the following:

  1. In terms of the situation of DYNATECH regarding COVID-19 and the confinement of the population: The company’s production structure remains unchanged, as it provides an essential service supplying its components to the vertical transport sector, with special emphasis on its maintenance service. All non-essential personnel for this job are at home working remotely and, therefore, the different Dynatech departments remain in operation. You will be duly informed of any changes.
  2.  In terms of the launch of new products:
  • The new UCM control device, SD-BOX PESSRAL, is now certified as SIL2 by the Notified Body TÜV RHEINLAND. It will become available during the month of May. Details of this product and its advantages over the one it replaces: the D-BOX can be found at the end of this informative note.
  • The e-ASG (one-way) and e-ASG UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear have successfully passed the certification tests required by the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE. All we are now waiting for is the official documentation. However, this Notified Body has filed for a temporary redundancy plan due to the pandemic, which has affected a large part of its personnel. Unfortunately, this will lead to a delay in receiving the aforementioned certificates and we are unaware of the precise date of their issue and their receipt at Dynatech. We suppose that this temporary redundancy plan will not last for longer than the confinement period established by the Spanish Government. Furthermore, DYNATECH has already sent samples of these models to different manufacturers of controllers and electronic speed governors in order to get ahead of the work involved in the connecting and compatibility of equipment. Given the simplicity of our electromechanical safety gear, we expect these additional steps to be completed quickly and without any problems.
  • The e-ASG WRA (one-way) and e-ASG WRA UD (two-way) electromechanical safety gear are both undergoing tests to obtain their respective certificates. Like the previous ones, we do not expect any surprises insofar as their final certification, but this will also be delayed due to the circumstances of the Notified Body TÜV SÜD ATISAE, as mentioned above.

Given that the launch of the new SD-BOX PESSRAL is imminent, we are pleased to provide you with due information on what this new product represents and details on how it works:

  1. The SD-BOX PESSRAL is a UCM electronic control device certified as SIL2 by TÜV RHEINLAND and according to Standards EN 81-20/50.
  2. This product will immediately replace the previous D-BOX. Although we will continue to supply D-BOX for as long as it is in stock, the new SD-BOX, which is already being produced, will be gradually introduced into the supply chain.
  3. Cost: The SD-BOX is a much more sophisticated product that the previous D-BOX. More electronic components and longer production process time due to its redundant electronics. Logically, its cost is greater than that of the D-BOX and, therefore, so is its price. However, DYNATECH will make every effort to offer you the same price as you paid for the previous model throughout 2020. DYNATECH hopes that this will compensate for any trouble that this product replacement might cause our clients. Therefore, to summarise, nothing will change until 1st January 2021.
  4. Advantages:
  • Greater safety: SIL 2 certified product. The previous D-BOX did not have this certificate.
  • Greater versatility: The previous D-BOX could only be used with our ASG safety gear and the STAR, VEGA and QUASAR speed governors thanks to their respective assembly certificates. Now, the new SD-BOX can be used not only with the aforementioned assemblies but also with any other safety gear and/or speed governor, as it is considered a safety element.
  • Greater quality: We have made the most of this new product to improve functions, connections, etc. and, therefore, it is a much better product. Click on this link to view a technical document that will help you understand the scope of all the improvements mentioned.

As always, we would like to thank you for your time and trust, and remain at your disposal for any further details you may require.

Yours faithfully,

18 March, 2020

Dear customers,

Dynatech would like to send a message of reassurance, informing you that, fortunately, no company department is affected by the coronavirus crisis and our operations are currently entirely normal.

Likewise, none of our suppliers has stopped supplying materials or components to our production chain; all are operating as normal.

As part of the State of Emergency it decreed last Sunday, the Spanish Government has reinforced measures to contain the spread of the virus: suspending people’s freedom of movement and, consequently, carrying out controls at our borders; this measure is provided for in the Schengen area agreements.

These agreements establish not only the freedom of movement of people, but also the freedom of goods and capital. Neither of the latter two has been suspended; therefore, Dynatech will continue to supply its products without any problems as long as the aforementioned conditions are maintained.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


20 January, 2020

Who doesn’t know about the Dakar Rally, the toughest in the world, and how difficult it is even just to finish it? Well, Juan Pedrero not only finished it, but did so in 16th place in his category. Well done, Champ!

We, at Dynatech, would like to send you all our best, while we wait for you to tell us all about this fascinating experience in person.

Good trip back and see you soon.

To see the Christmas click here

17 December, 2019

The Dakar organization has updated the participants’ files with their current sponsors. Click on the following link to enter the one of our pilot Juan Pedrero:


We would like to inform you that Juan will be interviewed on Spanish Television (TVE) on the Teledeporte (TDP) channel on the 25th of December at 4:00 p.m.

15 November, 2019

Between 2009 and 2013, Dynatech sponsored a group of mountain climbers, who managed to plant a flag with our name on it on three of the world’s most important mountains: the coldest mountain in the world (Denali – or McKinley- in Alaska), the most beautiful mountain in the world (Alpamayo in Peru) and the highest in the world (Everest).

This time, we want to plant a flag right in the desert, so……………………


To do this, we will be represented by one of the top 5 Dakar motorcyclists of all time:

          JUAN PEDRERO

A true motorcycle racing professional with an incredible track record scoring victories in so many competitions. Check out all his titles at the following link:


At this edition of the Dakar, Juan will be racing with official KTM engines, which will, undoubtedly, give him an edge as he vies for a top spot.

As a little foretaste, in preparation for this major test of endurance, Juan won the 1000 Dunes rally just a few days ago.

The challenges thrown at us every day by the market require tremendous effort, perseverance, work and discipline on our part, to overcome them.

Juan displays this very same attitude, training hard every day in the desert around our facilities. Seeing his daily sacrifice, Dynatech was bound to empathise with the values he represents.

Below are a couple of links where you can follow all the latest news about this elite motorcycle racer, including the chronicles of the Dakar Rally 2020 (which starts on 5th January 2020):

  • Click here to check out his Instagram profile, @joanpedrero
  • Click here to see his Twitter profile @joanpedrero
  • Click here to view the Facebook page for Joan Pedrero

Dynatech sincerely appreciates the extraordinary numbers of visitors, including current customers, potential customers and friends, who stopped by our stand at Interlift. Our initial expectations were overwhelmingly exceeded.

Before attending the show, we promised you the latest technology and also a great show. Our intention is not just to sell; it is just as important or more important, that customers have fun and enjoy their visit experience. We hope your expectations were also met.

Interlift was the perfect occasion to launch different models of electromechanical progressive safety gears. These models were exhibited so that customers could critique them with the aim of defining the ones that would be chosen for imminent production; since they are all perfectly operational.

The result of this critique from customers has resulted in the production of unidirectional and bidirectional versions of the e-ASG and the e-ASG WRA. As a reminder about the models presented, here is a link to download the informative flyer that was presented at the show.

Subsequent communications will provide information about the progress in terms of the respective certifications, which we hope will be obtained very soon, as well as the technical details that enable easy and quick accommodation in the lifts.

Should you require any further information, please contact the Dynatech team, who will be pleased to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

11 September, 2019

Dear customer:

Dynatech offers you now the possibility to select the products you need and create your purchase orders from our web page. At the end of this process, a pdf file will be generated with the selected items and you will only have to send that form to info@dynatech-elevation.com, as usual.  This system will guide you through the selection process, inform you about the prices of the selected products and, very importantly, help to avoid errors due to lack of information or due to incorrect combinations of components.

If you decide to use this tool, the process of order processing can be greatly shortened and, consequently, the delivery time of the product. This procedure will eliminate the need for constant back and forth communications to confirm component specifications and therefore in turn provide time savings to both you and us.

Very truly yours,

23 July, 2019

Dear Customers,

Dynatech has recently modified certain aspects of its production policy. Previously, it subcontracted 100% of the machining of the components necessary for the assembly of its products. However, due fundamentally to the instability of the outsourcing market, we have seen the need to incorporate production resources within the company itself.

Dynatech has now formed its own machining section, with the following machinery in the first phase:

  • CNC horizontal machining centre with double pallet, MORI SEIKI NH4000 DCG
  • CNC vertical machining centre, OKUMA MB-56VB
  • CNC vertical machining centre, OKUMA GENOS M560-V
  • CNC vertical machining centre with double-pallet, DOOSAN VC510
  • CNC lathe, OKUMA GENOS L200e MY
  • Cutting centre, DOALL C3028NC

The decision behind this investment comes from our policy of continuous improvement. Dynatech is now in a position to offer you the following benefits:

1. Price stability: Dynatech cannot control the prices of electricity or taxes, but, at least, it will have a direct control on a highly significant part of product costs, which is machining. This way, we can avoid surprises from instability in the subcontracting market.

2. Improvement in delivery times: By having much less dependence on deliveries by third parties, our manufacturing flow will be entirely controlled by internal processes.

3. Total quality: Additionally, the Dynatech quality system will be applied from the moment machining is performed. Although subcontracted workshop premises are subject to periodic quality audits and parts are inspected when delivered to Dynatech, batches of parts can still be rejected due to not complying with the required quality. These rejects cause problems in the supply chain and consequent delays in deliveries. Now that we do our own machining, our quality personnel can perform constant, exhaustive controls on newly machined parts; thus ensuring 100% quality, as demanded by our products.

Finally, we would like to inform you that Dynatech will have a new product line in Interlift 2019. Our new machining section is ideally adapted to the manufacture of these new components.

Thank you for entrusting your safety to us.

Yours faithfully,

Dear customers:

We hereby inform you that our Progressive Safety Gear PQ-3400 UD will no longer be manufactured as of July 1, 2019. However, Dynatech guarantees the spare parts that are necessary for all those PQ-3400 UDs that are in service.

Given the trend of our customers choosing to replace the PQ-3400 UD with the ASG-121 UD we have decided to retire the former form our catalogue in favour of the popular, successful and more modern ASG model.

Please allow us to dispel any rumors that exists regarding Dynatech’s intention to eliminate the PR and PQ families from the product range in favor of the ASG family. Whilst it is true that the versatility of the ASG family is much higher than the rest of the range of Safety Gears, Dynatech continues to sell safety components of all kinds and as long as there are orders relevant enough to any model, be it PR, PQ or IN, they will continue to be available in accordance with market demands.

Truly yours,

20 May, 2019

Dear customer:

Further to our previous communication, Dynatech is pleased to inform you about the processes and actions, underway for some time, that finally are beginning to bear fruit. These developments are focused on processes that aim to achieve maximum satisfaction both in service and in the product itself.

This is the first informative note of a series that will be communicated to you as new developments are rolled out.



Here you can check the status of your orders within our system as well as obtain information about their delivery. You can find your order reference, our delivery note number, the transport company and tracking number. Where available, geo location tracking numbers will provide the position of your shipment at any time until the final delivery.


Here you can download all EU Declaration of Conformity related to your Dynatech products. Our system enables the ability to search using various fields such as delivery note number, order number and serial number. You can also download a list to check all the data related to the traceability of each product.



Dynatech will offer you the possibility to select the products you need and send your orders via our web page. This system will guide you through the selection process, inform you about the prices of the selected products and, very importantly, help to avoid errors due to lack of information or due to incorrect combinations of components. If you decide to use this tool, the process of order processing can be greatly shortened and, consequently, the delivery time of the product.This procedure will eliminate the need for constant back and forth communications to confirm component specifications and therefore in turn provide time savings to both you and us.


A technical query form on our website which will only require you to select the type of component that your query refers to and set out the details of your query. The system will send this query to the technician specialized in that product. The answer, therefore, will be much faster.

The CUSTOMER AREA offers you a large number of services and information at no cost. A username and password are necessary to use it. If you do not have this password, we ask you to contact us in order to facilitate it.

Finally, below we list other services available in our Customer Area that were previously active:


Here you can view the prices of the products according to the sales conditions negotiated with Dynatech. Any new product will be added to them without the need to send a new list. This price list will remain interactive, showing information about the product by simply clicking on its name.


From this section you can download any document you need: Certificates of Approval, Quality System, Elevators Directive, Notified Bodies documents, specific plans, videos, replacement manuals, etc. The structure of this section will facilitate quick searching of material.


You can change both the username and password to access this service when you wish, as well as the rest of the data associated with your account. We advise you to ensure you maintain the security integrity of your access to this resource and recommend that you amend the password when staff turnover occurs.

Dynatech thanks you for your trust and your attention. We will continue to inform you of our continuous improvement in future communications.

Very truly yours,

We are delighted to inform you that we have now  the new ISO 9001:2015 certificate, issued by the accredited body Tüv. The Audit was successfully passed last 24th.October.2017.

This certificate is available in the following languages: Spanish, French, English and German.

Download certificate.

7 January, 2019

Please be informed that from January, our new office working hours will be from 7,30h. to 15,30h., from  Monday to Friday.

To see the Christmas click here

24 September, 2018

Dear customer,

As you know, the widespread use of e-mail has led to the proliferation of a large number of Identity Impersonation Post (PHISING) that circulate continuously over the Internet. Phishing messages try to impersonate the identity of a reliable entity, to distribute misleading information, requesting confidential data and passwords from users or sometimes try to encrypt the data of the recipients’ computers to extort later if they want to restore such data. We often see cases of this type in the media.

In an attempt to combat this type of malicious communication, all e-mail service providers have taken measures to prevent these problems and have established controls (filters) on all emails, before being sent. However, these emails are increasingly sophisticated, so that, in a short time, they are able to overcome these filters again.

Dynatech has discovered that some emails of this malicious type could have been sent from the internet, using our email addresses.

Although you will already be aware, we would like to remind you of several things to take into account when identifying these unwanted emails and to prevent their use and propagation:

  1. These may contain links (links to websites), which are considered to be potentially dangerous. Valid Dynatech emails will never ask you to provide a password or click on any link except informative links that always carry our web addresses that contain “dynatech-elevation.com”.
  2. They contain files sent as attachments, which are potentially dangerous if they are opened or executed. We recommend that you make sure before opening the files and, if you have any questions, consult us about the authenticity of it or if we have sent you that e-mail, using a different e-mail (do not reply to the mail you consider may be malicious) or by telephone.
  3. Make sure that all the addresses that appear are from the dynatech-elevation.com for communication from staff and the domain dynatech-core.com for general communications and management related to our client area. Previously, some of these emails had addresses of free providers such as @ gmail.com @ hotmail.com @ yahoo.com. It is common to have slight misspelt versions of well-known or established domain names, but careful analysis can reveal these irregularities.

If you have any doubt or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards,


Dear customers:

After 22 years on the market, the unidirectional progressive safety gear PR-2500 will be withdrawn from our product catalogue from September 1, 2018. However, Dynatech will continue to ensure the supply of spare parts for this safety gear.

The more advanced range of unidirectional ASG safety gears offer much more versatility and capacity, effectively rendering the PR-2500 obsolete.

Dynatech will no longer accept orders for this product after July 31, 2018.


Dear customers,

At DYNATECH, we are pleased to inform you that we will be present at the next World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 in Shanghai.

You will be able to visit our stand 8353, in Hall 8.2 (Hall 8, 2nd floor) from May 8th to 11th.

Our dedicated team will extend a warm welcome to any visitor to our stand where we will be showcasing all its products, especially those officially certified for the Chinese market.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note the forthcoming closures for bank holidays indicated below so that you can plan your orders:

29th .March to 2nd.April, both inclusive, for Easter.

23th April, regional holiday.

30th.April and 1st May, national holiday.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

To see the Christmas click here

We would like to inform our customers of the extension to the validity of our certificates for protection against uncontrolled movement.

These certificates are:

  • TRIDAS.IV-A_000020_17_R3
  • TRIDAS.IV-A_000021_17_R3
  • TRIDAS.IV-A_000022_17_R3

Available for download on our website www.dynatech-elevation.com within the customer area.

Dear customers:

May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the entire Dynatech team for your visit to our Interlift stand. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed a pleasant but, above all, interesting and fruitful meeting thanks to the innovations we have made in all areas of the company: Product, Management, international reach, etc.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit us, we hope to see you at the next international event, in Shanghai 2018 or Interlift 2019.

Dynatech continues to work on its forthcoming new generation of safety components which we will present at the events mentioned above or through our website.

Keep in touch, the future is almost here.

18 September, 2017

Dear customers:

We are pleased to inform you that Dynatech will be present at Interlift 2017, from October 17 to 20, at Stand 7151, Hall 7.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit us!

New products, new developments, new management system, etc. not even announced on our website or in our bulletins yet. Over the course of the Interlift exhibition, Dynatech staff will update you on everything and explain the fundamental benefits that each improvement will bring. A battery of innovations that demonstrate Dynatech’s unceasing objective for continuous improvement.

In addition, to give your visit a sense of fun, there will be a range of entertainment and refreshments on offer that will make our stand an experience to remember. If you are planning on attending the event, please contact us to ensure free tickets.

See you in Augsburg!

We are delighted to inform you that we now have the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, Annex VII Certificate, issued by the accredited body Tüv.

Download certificate


As stated in due time, Dynatech governors LBD-200 and LBD-300 they both were not updated in accordance with the European Standards EN 81-20  / EN 81-50.

Therefore, these governors WILL NOT be covered by the European regulation from 31st August of this year. In order to meet the above mentioned European standards, VEGA and VEGA 300 are the ones certified according to EN 81-20 / EN 81-50.

LBD-200 and LBD-300 will remain as governors according to EN 81-1 / EN 81-2.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Dynatech.

12 January, 2017

As every year, Dynatech has delivered 1.5 tons of non-perishable food to the Pina de Ebro Town Council food bank, for distribution to the most disadvantaged people.

Here is a copy of the Town Council Facebook page reporting this news:

Dear Customer,

In line with our constant efforts to improve and bring more versatility to our products and following the suggestion of several of our customers, Dynatech has expanded its Quasar certification to include its conventional model covering new types of rope. Thus, in addition to the Gustav Wolf pawo 819W6.5mm rope, the Pfeifer Drako 250T 6mm and 6.5mm ropes can also be used.

The three rope types can be used in both the unidirectional and bidirectional models; therefore, as the unidirectional model is already covered and due to production reasons, the Quasar conventional 4mm rope model and its corresponding Compact 120 will no longer be manufactured after August.

To summarise:

Situation until August 2016

Quasar conventional format, unidirectional version – Drako STX4mm rope

Compact 120 associated with the unidirectional version and 4mm rope

Quasar conventional format, bidirectional version – Wolf rope 6.5mm pawo 819W

Compact 126 associated with the bidirectional version and6.5mmrope

Situation after August 2016

Quasar conventional format, unidirectional and bidirectional version – Gustav Wolf pawo 819W 6.5mm rope, and Pfeifer Drako 250T6mm and 6.5mm ropes.

Compact 126 associated with unidirectional and bidirectional version- the 3 types of rope.

NB. Quasar overspeed governors, in their delivered versions (Quasar SV and Quasar T-25), will still be used only with the Pfeifer Drako STX4mm rope


It was a great satisfaction for us at DYNATECH to take part in this great event, which brought together most of the major brands in the world of lifts; from the most famous in the sector, such as OTIS, KONE, SCHINDLER, THYSSEN, HITACHI and MITSUBISHI, rubbing shoulders with the most important component manufacturers.

We at DYNATECH appreciate the spectacular reception given to us by the public and the extraordinary interest shown in our new designs and products specifically for the Chinese market.

Thank you all for coming!

Dear customers,

At DYNATECH, we are pleased to inform you that we will be present at the next World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2016 in Shanghai.

You will be able to visit our stand 7233, in Hall 7.2 (Hall 7, 2nd floor) from May 10th to 13th.

Our team will be happy to give you a warm welcome at this event where DYNATECH will be showcasing all its products, especially those officially certified for the Chinese market.

Furthermore, later the same month, from May 25th to 26th, DYNATECH will be present at LIFTEX 16 in London, at Stand B20 occupied by our distributor, GLOBAL LIFT EQUIPMENT.

Our distributor will be pleased to offer you its hospitality, as well as extensive information about our UCM solutions, renewal systems for existing lifts and our products, in general, according to the new Lift Directive and EN81-20/50 Standards.

We look forward to seeing you there!

We are delighted to inform you that we now have the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, Annex VII Certificate, issued by the accredited body Tüv.

Download certificate

From April 20th, and following the regulatory change, Dynatech will manufacture the safety gear IN-3000 G10, which will replace the IN-G10. All instantaneous safety gear manufactured by Dynatech, from that date on, for the 10mm guide rail will be the IN-3000 G10 model.

For frame manufacturers and installers, this change will not involve any modification to their practices; as the dimensions and attachment hole positions will be exactly the same as for the IN-G10.

The IN-3000 G10 safety gear is included in the general certificate for the IN-3000, according to the new standards EN-81:20 and EN-81:50 and the new Directive 2014/33/EU. This certificate and the updated manual will be issued on April 20th.

In addition, the maximum P+Q for its use has increased significantly (e.g. from 2348kg to 3364kg for a tripping speed of 1m/s).


Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you how the entry into force of Directive 2014/33/EU on April 20th, 2016 affects the UCM units consisting of the ASG safety gear, the D-BOX electronic device and the STAR, VEGA or QUASAR T-25 overspeed governors.

The new Directive classifies these UCM units as part of the safety system and, as such, they need to be subject to EU type certification.

Our UCM units already have this type certification issued by the accrediting organisation, TÜV Rheinland. These certifications will be updated by the same agency as EU type certificates from April 20th, 2016. Previously, the safety gear and overspeed governors included in it were also certified according to standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.

From this date on, the D-Box may be used only as part of one of the three UCM units, and Dynatech will issue a declaration of conformity for the UCM unit installed, as is done with other safety components.

The D-Box, as well as the safety gear and overspeed governors included in the UCM unit, may be purchased and stored separately, and the components the customer has in stock may also be used. The only requirements will be to request a declaration of conformity for the appropriate UCM when being installed in the lift, and to indicate the serial number of each component (safety gear, overspeed governor and D-Box) comprising the UCM unit.

Yours faithfully,


30 March, 2016

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that Dynatech has spent several months making its products compliant with the Directive 2014/33/EU, and we can confirm that our company will comply strictly with all the obligations from the date it comes into force.

However, until it comes into force on April 20th, 2016, it will not be possible to issue EU Declarations of Conformity in accordance with the directive 2014/33/EU.

We will also not have the updated certificate of quality according to Annex VII (Module H) until then, as the Notified Body cannot issue it until that date.

Additionally, we will renew all EC type certificates, which will be renamed EU type certificates, with the new harmonised standards EN 81-20:2014 and EN 81-50:2014 used as reference.

The standards EN 81:20 and EN 81:50 have been in force since March 2015 and will overlap with the previous standards, EN 81-1 and EN 81-2, until August 2017. All the procedures and tests required have been carried out and the certificates are ready; however, Dynatech has decided to wait until April 20th to issue them, so that they are referenced to the new Directive 2014/33/EU.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that all of the safety components provided by Dynatech from April 20th will be labelled with a QR code for traceability, which will include the manufacturer’s name and address (in our case, Dynatech), as well as the product description and serial number, which we have been doing to date.

Here is an example of one of these labels:

All traceability information is available in the Dynatech Quality Management System and can be emailed to the customers who request it. For more details, please contact Dynatech or your representative.

We will keep you up to date with any farther changes.

10 February, 2016

Examples of use of our products (3D)

If you have a 3D display or 3D glasses, you can watch a spectacular video showing examples of the use of some of our products with the most common frame types. To see it, click here: 3D

from Dynatech.


Examples of use of our products (2D)

If you do not have a 3D display, you can watch the same video in a 2D version. It’s not as spectacular, but equally illustrative. Click here: 2D

from Dynatech.

Dear Customer,

Dynatech is pleased to inform you of the following products which have been recently certified under current Chinese regulations.

  1. Progressive safety gear, unidirectional: ASG-120, ASG-121 and ASG-221 (high speed)
  2. Progressive safety gear, bidirectional: ASG-120-UD, ASG-121-UD and ASG-221-UD (high speed)
  3. Overspeed governors: VEGA

In addition, we would like to inform you that the official Dynatech sales representative for our products in China is:


Address:    Luoyang # HeLuo.60 High Technology Zone, Luoyang, Henan, China

Phone no: +86 0379 64332329

Fax no:      +86 0379 64368385


Aitor Arnal (Chinese, Spanish, English, French) aitor@dynatech-elevation.com

Wang lifen (Chinese) wang@dynatech-elevation.com

If you want to download these certificates, please click on the following links:

  • ASG-120 and  ASG-120-UD                                      English      Chinese
  • ASG-121 and  ASG-121-UD                                       English      Chinese
  • ASG-221 and ASG-221-UD (high speed)                English      Chinese
  • VEGA                                                                               English      Chinese

Thank you for trusting in your global supplier of lift safety systems.

23 December, 2015

As we did last year, with the aim of alleviating the needs of underprivileged people, Dynatech has donated 1.5 tonnes of non-perishable food to the Pina de Ebro City Council, which will be shared by the City Council’s community kitchen and CARITAS Charity Organisation.

If you can’t see the card, please click here

Sometimes communities of residents cannot afford to renovate or upgrade the safety of their lift because of the cost involved. Dynatech now offers a quick and inexpensive way to update the safety of an existing lift, including a complete UCM unit if desired.

This solution significantly reduces the time spent on lift interventions, thereby minimising the inconvenience to the community when the lift is out of service.

In addition, its low cost, compared to that of a larger renovation, provides a competitive advantage to any company offering our solution over the competition. And who knows, a satisfied customer may even provide a new maintenance contract …!

As an illustration, the following video shows the update of an existing lift with our RENO system.

For further information, please consult the product page on our website.

26 October, 2015

Dynatech would like to sincerely thank all of the visitors who came by our stand during INTERLIFT 2015.

Our initial objective was to create a special work atmosphere where technical topics related to products could be discussed in a beneficial manner but that, at the same time, would allow for enjoyment and entertainment. In looking at the results, we believe that this objective was fully met.

Just one figure: 960 people enjoyed our simulator show in the four days that the fair lasted.

We are sure that everyone who visited has received ample information on our current products and on the new items that were presented and we also hope that you have enjoyed the show in the simulator as well as the 3D stereoscopic videos, the 2D videos and the special selection of Spanish cuisine that we brought for the event. If you would like, you may send us your valuable opinions through our blog, we would be very grateful.

Now having returned to our daily routines, we are continuing to develop new products and are also thinking about new ways to surprise you at the next INTERLIFT.

7 September, 2015

Did someone say that business exhibitions were exhausting and boring? DYNATECH would like to offer you something different for a change.

If you have a chance to go to this year’s INTERLIFT exhibition, take the opportunity to visit us at stand 7144 in Pavilion 7. There you’ll find lots of products, new developments and, above all, excitement and enjoyment.

As well as the stand under our own name, we will give you the OFFICIAL list of DYNATECH DISTRIBUTORS appearing at INTERLIFT, who will be happy to assist you at their respective stands:

  • INTERNATIONAL LIFT EQUIPMENT (ILC): Stand 2233, Pavilion 2,
  • ELEVATOR TRADING (ETG)-: Stand 7125, Pavilion 7

We hope your visit will be an experience to remember.

Dear Customers,

Dynatech has the pleasure to announce that on June 30 it will update its current web page with a much more complete and useful version.

There will be a corporate video translated into 6 languages showing who Dynatech are and what we do. We are confident that the information presented in this video will be very useful for all those customers who have not yet had the opportunity to visit us, who may know our products but nothing about our company.

We hope this new information tool will be to your liking; we will be constantly working on it to expand and improve it. We also urge you to please send us any suggestions you may have regarding our website or any other issue. Your opinion is very valuable to us.

Kind regards,

Dear Customer,

Until now, DYNATECH offered the QUASAR T25 and QUASAR SV versions for descent and two-way operation. The conventional version of the QUASAR governor was limited to descent-only operation because the rope used (4mm PFEIFER DRAKO STX) did not offer adequate safety margins for two-way operation, in this version alone.

This has been solved by the certification of the GUSTAV WOLF model PAWO 819 W rope with a 6.5mm diameter and use of the new design COMPACT 126 tension weight. The one-way version of this governor will still be supplied with the 4mm DRAKO STX rope.

The QUASAR two-way governor can be supplied with a remote operating system or with an anti-creep system to comply with the A3.

Given its small size and its great features, along with an extremely competitive price, the QUASAR speed governor is an ideal solution for new and existing installations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding this matter, or consult the product specifications in the corresponding section of our website.

Dynatech has recently certified its 200 and 300 tension weights with just 1 mass for use with the one-way (descent only) versions of the LBD-200, VEGA and LBD-300 governors.

Thanks to this, we have been able to considerably reduce the weight of the tension weights in these cases, as well as their price. Please consult their updated price in the customers’ area of our website for this and other news.

This system is formed by two supports or braces that are attached to the new design or existing (renewed) frame.

The system acts as support for all Dynatech progressive safety gear, as well as its associated linkage. Adaptability for the installation of the most common slide or roller guide shoes sold commercial has also been foreseen.

Dynatech has taken the versatility of the RENO support system to its extreme, as it has been designed to include our QUASAR T25 governor that involves an unequalled leap in quality in the Market: This solution allows for the updating of not only the frame but also the entire lift in terms of safety, leading to significant savings for those wishing to renew an installation, thanks to a one-piece safety unit (safety gear + governor).

Important note: Please be reminded that Dynatech offers the D-BOX electronics for the full updating of a lift with UCM (A3) control, even in the case of old installations. Please visit the UCM solutions section of our website for further information.

Dynatech has tested the rigidity of the RENO system in freefall and under the strictest and most demanding conditions possible, thus guaranteeing its reliability. In turn, the installation different options available allow for different support widths, providing great adaptability for the complex diversity of frames.

Dynatech one or two-way safety components, installable on the RENO support system, for supply in just one safety unit:

Governors: QUASAR T25

Safety gear: The entire range of PR, PQ and ASG progressives, with their associated linkage T1, T2, T3, T25 and T25 UD.

23 February, 2015

Dear customers,

Dynatech has just approved the new safety gear for the high-speed ASG-221 (unidirectional) and ASG-221 UD (bidirectional).

The maximum tripping speed is 3.9m/s and is used in machined, dry guide rails.

The maximum allowable P+Q in both safety gears is 3.284kg, but can reach up to 6,500kg if the TANDEM system is used.

For further information, please consult the product page on our website.

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that Dynatech has released an update to its T-25 driving bar, which is used together with the ASG type unidirectional safety gear; it is called the T-25 v2.

As this driving bar is delivered pre-assembled with the safety gear, there will be no difference in its use, and its functionality of course is also guaranteed. The only difference for the installer, which is an advantage, is that you will not need to install the tension springs packet, required up till now, as this function will be performed by the incorporated torque spring.

The new version is in fact very similar to the T-25UD version.

Please find explanatory drawings of the changes attached:

  • Difference between  T-25 UD and T-25v2 click here.

Dear Customers,

As you well know, the extended use of e-mail has led to the spread of a large amount of unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) that is continuously circulating the internet.

To avoid the growth of SPAM, all e-mail service providers must take measures to prevent this problem and establish controls (filters) on all e-mails before they are delivered to their client. Given that SPAM is increasingly sophisticated, they pass through these filters very easily in a short period and, therefore, e-mail providers are permanently adapting and changing these filters.

SPAM is treated in a very similar manner to a virus in the internet and, therefore, is automatically blocked and deleted without the knowledge of the sender or the recipient.  Were this not the case, we would receive the same number of notifications as potential SPAM and this would also be very inconvenient. In short, the recipient to whom an e-mail detected as SPAM is addressed will not receive an e-mail or notification of it being blocked and the e-mail is directly lost. Given that SPAM is treated as a virus, when someone sends an e-mail that is detected as SPAM, they will not receive a notification to indicate that the e-mail sent has been blocked and deleted.

The constant changes made to Anti-SPAM filters have the disadvantage of being able to affect any internet users. It may well be that an e-mail is sent from a reliable account, such as yours or ours that are not SPAM, but is identified and deleted as if it were SPAM.

Over the past week alone we have detected 3 cases of this type of e-mail sent by our customers that have been deleted, with the further difficulty that neither they nor we have received an e-mail to inform of this problem.

Dynatech would like to remind you of the most likely causes of an e-mail being considered “Unsolicited”:

  • e-mails with a lot of links (to websites) are considered potentially hazardous.
  • e-mails with a lot of background images that could be confused with advertising e-mails also have this problem,
  • Some types of file sent as attached data, such as files with an .exe extension or any other type of file that may auto-execute without it having to be opened by another program,
  • Some e-mail addresses that have a relatively uncommon classification or, primarily, addresses from web-based providers such as @gmail.com @hotmail.com @yahoo.com or any other local service provider. These involve greater risks because an indeterminate number of accounts can be created and, therefore, almost all SPAM comes from these public providers.

If you want to avoid this problem in the future, we recommend you use the ‘Delivery Confirmation’ tool as prevention for complete security.  By using this delivery option, you will receive notification when the e-mail ‘passes the filter’ and is delivered to Dynatech. The most well-known tool: ‘Request a Read Receipt’ is a useful tool as well, but only if the e-mail has been received by the addressee.

Thanks to our customers’ great acceptance of our D-BOX electronics, Dynatech has been able to cut their production costs by a huge amount. This reduction will be included in the new price list applicable as of 1st February.

Dear customer,

As you probably know, there is to be a significant change in the standards applied in our lift sector. The current EN-81:1 2001 + A3 and EN-81:2 2001 + A3 are to be replaced by EN-81:20 and EN-81:50.

In order to solve any doubts our customers may have regarding the way in which this change will affect our products, Dynatech has carefully studied the new standards and has also contacted the notified Bodies.

These are the main points to consider:

1. The new standards are to come into force as of late October 2014 in the EU and will undergo the translation and validation process in each country until around March 2015.

2. The former Standards will remain valid until 31st August 2017 and, therefore, both Standards will coexist for over 2 years.

3. No new certificate can be issued and the current certificates cannot be modified according to the new Standards until they have been validated in each country, in this case Spain.

4. None of our SAFETY GEARS will be affected by this change, as they are fully compliant with Standard EN-81-20 and EN-81-50. All that is required is an extension of the current certificates, which will be possible as of March 2015.

5. The same applies to our STAR, VEGA and QUASAR speed governors in all of their versions.

6. The LBD-300 governor will have to be redesigned. This is because the new Regulation requires a shorter distance between the interlock points and, therefore, the number of interlock points must be increased.

Dynatech is already designing the new model to replace the LBD-300. This must then be validated and certified in line with the new Standards. This new certification will be available as of late 2015.

7. The LBD-200 governor has the same disadvantage. In this case, we have decided to keep the same design for countries outside the EU only, i.e. countries with ASME influence.

It will be completely replaced in the EU by the VEGA governor, as this also has a diameter of 200 mm and covers the entire range of speeds, even more than the LBD-200. Furthermore, it is already fully compliant with the new Standards, as explained above.

Summary table:







MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015

PR-2500-UD V35


MAY 2015

PR-2500-UD V50


MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015

ASG-100 UD


MAY 2015



MAY 2015

ASG-120 UD


MAY 2015



MAY 2015

ASG-121 UD


MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015



MAY 2015







Kind regards.

Dear customers,

Dynatech is pleased to inform you that our Russian certificate for Progressive safety gears PR-2000-UD, PQ-4000-UD, ASG-100-UD, ASG-120-UD and PR-2500-UD has been renewed, according to the Customs Union’s TP-TC-011/2011 technical requirements, and is valid for: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. As soon as we receive the certificates for the rest of the safety gears we will let you know.

PR-2000 UD Certificate

PR-2500 UD Certificate

PQ-4000 UD Certificate

ASG-100 UD Certificate

ASG-120 UD Certificate

We remind you that our Russian certifications for the STAR, VEGA and LBD-200 Overspeed governors have already been renewed in accordance with the technical requirements from the Customs Union TP-TC-011/2011, and are valid for: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

 STAR Certificate

VEGA Certificate

LBD-200 Certificate

In 2009 Dynatech created a new technical development department, independent from our R&D department for safety components: The Integration Laboratory. The purpose of this new department was, and still is, the technological development of new projects that are not connected with the company’s main product, whether they were started by Dynatech or originated from collaborations with other companies, research centres, technological institutes, etc.

It had a double purpose: On one hand, Dynatech had the opportunity to diversify its technological activities in sectors outside of the lift industry, which, therefore, implied the possibility of developing an industrial product and even participating in its subsequent industrialisation process, given that Dynatech has been involved in this process since its conception. On the other hand, working in multidisciplinary environments with so many diverse applications and technologies allowed Dynatech to take advantage of knowledge and techniques, not from our sector, that can be applied to current and future products, in a constantly improving benchmarking process.

The results of this initiative, among others not mentioned, have been the collaboration and the provision of solutions to companies such as EADS (see related news story), the development of a hydrogen vehicle with other companies and research centres (see related news story), Dynatech’s design for a vertical axis wind turbine, which has made a lot of progress but is still in development (see related video), etc.

At present, apart from other on-going projects, we would like to highlight that our Integration Department is collaborating with the “Group of Thermal Properties of Materials” from the Materials Science Institute of Aragon (Spanish National Research Council –CSIC (for its Spanish abbreviation)-, the University of Zaragoza –UNIZAR (for its Spanish abbreviation)-) and the University of Zaragoza’s Condensed Matter Physics Department, to create a test bench for a magnetic refrigeration system, to be used in a lab, which incorporates Halbach permanent magnet rotors.

This project is coordinated by professors Mr Ramón Burriel and Mr Elías Palacios. Mr David Velázquez and Mr Jesús Beltrán, the collaborating engineers, monitor the project, perform the simulations and process the results. Mr Ramón del Cacho, from Dynatech, is the support technician for kinematics and control.

This project, of great technological contribution, is backed by BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte).

Become a Dynatech customer and you will have better customer care and complete information on the current products, new developments, technical support, conditions of sale and a lot more by using our customer area.

Previously, our website provided a great deal of information; however, it may have been too excessive to be accessible to visitors. Finally, Dynatech has decided to set limits to this information, given the mandatory discretion necessary for any company that is constantly working on R&D. Furthermore, the company has undergone an important improvement process as far as customer care and service are concerned.

The new customer area in our website will allow you to be up to date, to the slightest detail and in real time, in everything that may be of interest to you. Nobody but You deserves a customised quality service.

Should you not have requested your username and password yet, do it right away and start enjoying a greater number of advantages.

Dynatech is pleased to inform you that the Russian certification for STAR and VEGA Overspeed governors has been renewed in accordance with the TP-TC-011/2011 technical requirements from the Customs Union, valid for Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.

STAR Certificate

VEGA Certificate

The new certificates that are in accordance with TP-TC-011/2011 will soon be available for our range of Progressive Safety gears, even though the current certificates are still valid until the end of 2014.

Dear customer,

As reported in 2013, Dynatech has a new service available on its website: The Customer Area. This service is aimed at providing you with better and more personalised attention. This area may be accessed from the main menu on our website under the tab: CUSTOMERS

A user name and password, already supplied to most of you earlier, is required in order to access the referred Customer area for the first time. Once you have accessed it, you should change your password to one of your choice, something easy to remember.

We have noticed that many customers have not accessed the area yet. Should any user have lost the e-mail sent to them, including his/her username and password, or should they wish to register, please send an e-mail to this address, support@dynatech-elevation.com, and we will send you a new username and password.

The following sections were available up until now:

  • GSS: New software developed by Dynatech to select TORNADO gearless machines. It is more powerful and complete than the previous software.
  • News: This section displays all the news edited, either by date or label: Expeditions, products, certificates, holiday closures, etc.

A new section is to be added this week:

  • Documents: In this section, you may download any document you require at any time: Instructions for Use and Maintenance, Certificates for: Standardisation, from the Quality System and the Directive on Lifts, documents from Notified Bodies, specific Drawings, Videos, Manuals for replacing components, etc. The structure of this section will make quick searches for documents easier.

On the other hand, we would like to highlight that every time we modify a Manual, Certificate… or a new Document is added to that area, which concerns you, you will receive an e-mail informing you of this change; therefore, you will be duly informed in real time of any change made in our product’s Documentation.

After this step, in the following days, we will replace most of the documentation available on our website, as you know, so that you will have to access the referred Customer Area in order to access and download the documentation.  That is the reason why, in your own interest, we recommend that you register or request to register for that Area soon.

There are two solutions to comply with the A3:

a) Use safety components.

b) Use the drive machine.


In spite of the fact that the Standard allows the use of the machine and its associated electronics to prevent uncontrolled car movements (UCM), it is certain that the UCM cannot be prevented if it occurs due to suspension ropes sliding.  In order to achieve both detecting and controlling the UCM completely and safely, Dynatech recommends the safety components’ solution.

a) Possibilities to comply with A3 by using the safety components:

a.1- Using safety components with A3 certificate independently:

Our safety gears and governors (STAR, VEGA, QUASAR T-25 and QUASAR SV) are certified in accordance with A3 as independent components.

The A3 certificates of these components are included in their corresponding manuals for use and maintenance. Please find below which said products are in case you wish to download their manuals:


-       PR-2000-UD

-       PR-2500-UD V35

-       PR-2500-UD V50

-       PQ-3400-UD

-       PQ-4000-UD

-       ASG-100-UD

-       ASG-120-UD

-       ASG-121-UD


Dynatech’s unidirectional progressive safety gears also have an A3 certificate since their construction, along with their features, coincide with that of their bidirectional equivalents. Nevertheless, having this certificate is irrelevant since a UCM control can only be performed with a bidirectional safety gear.


-       STAR

-       VEGA

-       QUASAR T-25

-       QUASAR SV

-       LB-200

According to Amendment 3, the car must stop if an uncontrolled movement occurs. This stop must occur at a maximum distance below 1 m (among other requirements).

Dynatech’s governors incorporate a system, called Anti-creep System, used to lock the governor when a UCM (uncontrolled car movement) is detected. When the governor locks, the safety gear is activated. From the moment the car moves until it stops, the total distance must be below 1 m.

-Before continuing reading the following explanation, please read the UCM section included in the governors’ manuals where the anti-creep system’s functioning is explained.

Obtaining the A3 certificates for independent components does not exempt the installer from performing the uncontrolled movements tests included in the EN 81:A3 standard on site. Examples:

The customer purchases the components independently, for example, our overspeed governor but not the safety gear, which is purchased from another manufacturer. In this option, the customer must compile the safety gear and the governor’s certificates; then, he/she must perform validation tests of the UCM solution in its installation. Furthermore:

>>a. The customer may purchase the electronics managing the anti-creep system from the manufacturer.

>>b. The controllers’ manufacturer manages the anti-creep system by using the electronics already built-in his/her controller.

Note: Managing the anti-creep system has to do with the warnings specified in the governor’s manual (UCM section).

a.2- Using the safety components with A3 certificate as a whole:

The customers purchase the Safety gear + Governor + anti-creep management electronics package.

This package is A3 certified as UCM solution. By using this solution, the customer does not have to follow all the processes to check whether the governor + safety gear comply with the A3’s margins and requirements, as well as the management of signals for the anti-creep system.

Differences between using what stated in items a.1 and a.2.Advantages and Disadvantages

In case a.1, the customer must ensure that the “marriage” between governor and safety gear complies with A3, apart from performing the tests with the control system, either using the electronics supplied by the governors’ manufacturer or that built-in the controller. This will mean additional costs.

On the other hand, by using this option, the customer may choose the component that best fits him/her, either for price, versatility or for any other reason.

In case a.2, the customer does not have to worry about whether the governor + safety gear comply with A3 or not. He/she will only have to perform the usual commissioning tests according to the standard.

However, the customer may have the disadvantage of not being able to combine different components from different manufacturers, which may make him/her gain versatility or competiveness.

Nevertheless, Dynatech recommends always using the safety components of the same manufacturer since the responsibility for good functioning and for the safety of the assembly falls on a single person.

Dynatech offers the corresponding electronics, called D-BOX, in order to complete the safety when detecting and controlling the UCM.

The D-BOX is an electronic device governing the governor’s anti-creep system used for the UCM solution. This device may be used both with the Vega and Star governors, but may also be used with governors of other brands.

For further information on the features and requirements, please download the manual from our website.

a) Possibilities to comply with A3 by using the drive machine:

Our drive machines (Tornado) are certified for the A3 solution.

According to what is stated in section 9.11 of the A3, the means used to stop the uncontrolled movement may be those acting on the traction sheave or shaft. The A3 allows using the motor’s brakes for this purpose:

9.11.3: If the machine brake is used, the auto-control may include the verification of the correct raising or lowering of the mechanism, or the verification of the braking force. Should a failure be detected, the next normal lift’s start-up must be prevented.

Dynatech has designed two devices, called CDC (Car Drag Control) to manage the anti-creep system and BFS (Brake Failure Surveillance) to manage the motor brakes used to stop a UCM.

The entire unit (Tornado + BFS + CDC) complies with the A3 and has its own certificate. The customer does not need an extra certificate.

Its manual may be downloaded from our website.

This explanatory article will be updated as more products, their developments or innovations relating to this matter are added.

Updated information note on everything relating to EN81’s 3 Amendment

Dynatech is pleased to announce the Russian certification of the LBD-200 speed governor in line with Standards GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010. This governor now joins the already extensive range of products certified under this standard.

 Certificate GOST LBD-200

As can be seen in this certificate, it refers to the meeting of technical requirements according to Customs Union TP-TC-011/2011 between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the GOST certificates for all other products remain fully valid until their expiry date, despite the TP-TC-011/2011 not being specified in the text of these certificates, as they were issued prior to the agreement between the states.

In short, all of our products with GOST certification meet TP-TC-011/2011 requirements and, therefore, can be sold, installed and used without any problems or obstacles in the member states of this Customs Union.











Milán (RHO)

From 2nd to 5th   October
















International Lift Components (ILC)


























From 15th to 18th October












Vertima GMBH













ETG Elevator Trading GmbH















International Lift Components (ILC)





5 September, 2013

 A friend has sent us an illustrative photo of the unstoppable technical evolution in production. We have managed to reduce the size of those huge governors from decades ago to the smallest size possible without changing their performance.

 Thank you very much for the photo, Fede!

17 July, 2013

“We’ve got the photo! It was a long time coming due to the number of public and private commitments that both Carlos and Raúl had to deal with and the fact that the photo had to be processed so that it could be seen properly (it was taken at dawn and with the sun behind Carlos), but at last we can show it to you.

Quite frankly, we would not know how to classify the appearance of the peak of Everest after the monumental “collage” formed on its surface by items left there by visitors, either as a reminder or for any other reason, but let’s just say that it’s…… “colourful”.

At dawn and at 35 degrees below zero, following the great efforts involved in the all-night climb, you can see how Carlos – with a wince rather than a smile – places our company’s name on the world’s highest peak. Mission accomplished!

Our most sincere congratulations and thanks to all the members of our mountaineering team for such a brilliant end to a long, worthy sporting achievement that has placed the name of Dynatech on the highest peaks of the planet.

Dear customers,

Please be advised that our products are to include an additional feature from now on.

We have added a QR code along with the labels attached to the product that show its characteristics. You scan this code using your smartphone and the product will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone directly from our website in the language it was requested. You can, however, change the language if required at the top of our site.

We believe that this new application may be of help to you, to the fitter and even to any inspection body that requires instant information on the product and wishes to read its instructions for use and handling, for example if the manuals have been lost or for any other reason.

As you know, there are free apps that you can download to your smartphone in order to be able to scan these codes.

We hope this new feature is of interest, as well as being useful, and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

COMPACT tensing pulley is a product designed to provide the tension required for the rope going through a standard governor’s groove. Unlike the usual tensing pulleys, which use masses to generate tension, these masses have been removed from our COMPACT pulleys replacing them with springs.

This is a very compact design, with minimum dimensions, perfect to be used in installations with a reduced headroom and pit.

COMPACT 120 (in our web site)

DYNATECH’s COMPACT tensing pulley is a product that is supplied pre-assembled. This allows the installer to save time when assembling it in the installation.  It is supplied with a de-tensioning contact and with a rope tensioner that will make rope re-tensioning easier if required.

COMPACT 200 (in our web site)

Last 22nd May at 5:00 a.m., Spain local time, Carlos Pauner managed to set foot on the Everest summit (8,848 m) on an expedition in collaboration with our company, as already known. Carlos has therefore joined the select group of 32 climbers that have managed to climb the 14 eight-thousanders on the planet.  At 8:00 a.m. he descended to Camp 4 and continued descending. Due to the complexity in communications at such a high altitude, we cannot provide you with further details for now. We are waiting to receive more detailed information from Everest to communicate it to you.

QUASAR overspeed governor, in its standard version, is made up of a governor of greatly reduced size but with excellent features. It incorporates a pulley of Ø120mm to be used along with a Ø4mm steel rope. This pulley is supplied with a hardened groove by default, which provides it with great durability. Furthermore, the rope used has very little elongation, thus shortening maintenance intervals to a minimum.

Speed range is very wide, ranging from a rated speed of 0.1m/s to a maximum speed of 2.18 m/s. This is the first governor designed by DYNATECH reaching a minimum tripping speed of 0.3m/s.

Its reduced size and compactness make it perfect to be fitted in a lift’s shaft without machine room, since it requires little space.

So far, Dynatech is only selling it in its unidirectional version; however, we are working to offer it in its bidirectional version in the near future.

The unit’s specification, its manuals for use as well as its Certificates are already available in the Product section in our Website.

We inform you that Dynatech has been awarded with the Certification of the LBD-300 Overspeed Governor in accordance with the EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009 Standard.

The product’s specification, its manuals for use as well as its Certificates are already available in the Products section in our Website.

We inform you that Dynatech has been awarded with the Certification of the UCM Unit in accordance with the EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009 Standard and that this unit is made up of:

  • D-BOX Control System
  • QUASAR T25 Ovespeed Governor
  • ASG-1XX UD progressive Safety Gear

built in the overspeed governor.

The unit’s specification, its manuals for use as well as its Certificates are already available in the Products section in our Website.

Our entire range of progressive safety gears may be installed in Tandem configuration.

Tandem configuration consists of fitting two units of safety gears into the frame instead of a single one, as usual. This configuration allows doubling the range of the total mass (P+Q) the safety gears may brake, and is valid for the entire range of interlocking rails in Dynatech’s driving bars.

In order to make the assembly and use of Tandem configuration easier, Dynatech designed a system based on the ASG safety gears and their T25 driving bars, both in unidirectional and bidirectional versions. This system has the advantage that only requires a single driving bar shaft. For the system to operate correctly, it is important that the frame manufacturer observes the distances included in the manual for use and maintenance.

There is no pre-set system or configuration for the rest of the Dynatech’s progressive safety gear range, the customer being responsible for fitting the system and manufacturing any element required for its correct operation.

Dynatech has checked the reliability of the Tandem configuration in the entire range of progressive safety gears by making free fall tests in accordance with the official standardisation criteria.

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> SAFETY GEAR FOR LARGE LOADS. TANDEM CONFIGURATION -> SAFETY GEAR FOR LARGE LOADS. TANDEM CONFIGURATION (Click here)

Dear customer,

Dynatech hereby informs you that a new service is to be enabled on its website in the following days: The Customer Area. This service aims at providing you with a better and more customised attention.

To access the customer area, the user name and password we will provide you to access for the first time, will be required; however, once you have accessed, the password is to be changed by another of your choice, one that is easier to remember.

 Once in this area, you may find much more information than the one available on our traditional website up to date. To reach this goal, the website is divided into the following sections:

  • Rates: Here you may find the prices of the products according to the conditions you have negotiated with Dynatech. Any new product will be added without requiring to send you a new list. The list will continue to be interactive, displaying full information on the product if you require so, by just clicking on the product name.
  • Documents: In this section, you may download any document you require at all times: Certificates of standardisation, quality system, Directive on Lifts, documents from the Notified Bodies, specific Drawings, Videos, Manuals to replace components, etc. The structure of this section will make your fast search for a document easier.
  • Technical Queries: Just select the type of component your query refers to and enter the content of the query, so that the system directly sends your communication to the Dynatech person specialising in that product. Response will be much quicker this way.
  • GSS: Dynatech has developed new software to select TORNADO gearless machines. It is more powerful and complete than the previous one.
  • Orders: In this section, you may select the products you require and directly send the orders, if you wish to use this process.  The system will guide you in the selection and assist you at all times in order to prevent the lack of data or errors in the combinations of particular components, which usually causes a great waste of time in order processing as well as a risk of selecting the incorrect product. In the case of machines, it will be linked to the prior compliance with the report from the GSS. You can always save a copy of the orders placed as well as of the technical reports of the machine selection.
  • News: This section displays all the news edited, either per date or label: Expeditions, products, certificates, holiday closures, etc.
  • Latest news: Every time a new piece of news is broadcasted, it will be personally received by you in this section, so that all the news, since the last time you accessed the customer area, will be displayed.
  • My account: In this section you may change either your user name or password to access this service, as well as the rest of data connected to your account. Please bear in mind the natural mobility of people within the companies they work for. For your own security, it is recommended to change the password the moment the user changes or is no longer professionally linked with your company.

Throughout this week, this new section will be enabled on our website; at first, only with the Tornado Gearless Machine selection (GSS) program. The rest of the above-mentioned modules will be gradually added and you will be duly informed about it.

In short, you will also receive an e-mail informing you about all the e-mail addresses within your company to which access to this area will be directly assigned by default, to which user name and password will be sent, so that you may be aware of it and in case you wish some of the addresses not to have access, or the address is no longer available, etc. Finally, you will individually receive another e-mail including your user name and password.

17 January, 2013

Dynatech has designed a new rope tensioner system to be used in the STAR, QUASAR T25 and QUASAR SV governors. The ROLLER tensioner system accepts rope diameters of 4 and 6 mm. The information on this new product is already available on our Website.

To obtain this information, just click on the following links:



The QUASAR T25 overspeed governor is one of the three models in the QUASAR governors’ range. It is an on board overspeed governor with a pulley of Ø120mm to be used with a steel rope of Ø4mm.

This small governor is assembled onto the T25 steering mechanism where, in turn, ASG progressive safety gear is installed; that is to say, Dynatech presents a safety unit made up of governor and safety gear “in a single part”.

The combination of the advanced ASG safety gear’s performance and that of the QUASAR governor allows covering most of the lift installations and, therefore, the customer does not require combining different types of safety gears with different types of governors. QUASAR T25 along with the ASG provides a global solution in a single product.

Its compactness and size allow it to optimally adapt in the case of lifts with reduced pit and/or headroom.

It is remarkably versatile since it may be installed in lifts with a frame of the gantry or cantilever type as well as with the guide rails in the normal or reverse position. It can also be attached to an already installed frame and, therefore, an old lift may be updated to the new safety standards at a low cost.

As you know, Dynatech considers that A3′s UCM must be ensured in the safety components, since if performed using the drive machine brakes, even though the Standard allows it in case of sliding of the suspension ropes, the UCM will not be prevented. Thanks to the small size of the QUASAR’s Governor pulley, we have achieved an ultrafast tripping in the case of a UCM, almost as if it were a car’s parking brake, therefore, safety is ensured at all times.

Dynatech is at your disposal to advise you on the best use of this new product with specific solutions for your lift, no matter if it is standard, of reduced pit, large P+Q, etc.

Photo 2

1. Main pulley built in the driving bar

2. Movable diverter pulley

Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5. QUASAR T25

Example of use in reduced pits. The installation of split guide shoes above the safety gears is highly recommended.

Photo 6. Minimum space required.

Distance to the ground below 120 mm

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> OVERSPEED GOVERNORS QUASAR. (Click here)

10 December, 2012

Due to the serious financial crisis in Spain, the amount of people going to community kitchens, shelters and charity centres has increased alarmingly.   With the aim of alleviating the unprivileged people’s needs somehow, Dynatech has donated 1,2 tonnes of non-perishable food to the Pina de Ebro City Council, which will be shared by the City Council’s community kitchen and Charity Organization CARITAS.

We inform you that our IN-3000 Instantaneous Safety Gear has also been approved for Machined Guide Rails with a thickness of 9 mm. We have modified all the information corresponding to this product in the data sheet on our website, as well as in the manuals for use and maintenance in all the languages.

Please click here to go to the product’s data sheet on our website.

The QUASAR SV overspeed governor is one of the three models in the QUASAR governors’ range.

This is an on board overspeed governor with a 120mm-diametre pulley, very similar to our STAR overspeed governor but much more adjustable than it, according to the room available in the frame, given its smaller size.

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> OVERSPEED GOVERNORS QUASAR. (Click here)

Dear customer,

Dynatech begins to market the new QUASAR overspeed governor in its three versions:

  • Standard QUASAR
  • QUASAR T25

It is a small governor with a 120mm-pulley diameter to be initially used with a 4mm-steel rope. Dynatech intends to continue developing this governor to improve its features as well as to be used with other type of ropes. As soon as any further improvement in its use is achieved, we will let you know.

These three versions are explained below:

  • Standard QUASAR:

One-way overspeed governor with a Ø120mm pulley made up, on one hand, of the main pulley and, on the other hand, of the tensioning pulley. Its reduced size allows it to be fitted in very small shafts. Tripping speeds range from 0.3 m/s to 2.63 m/s. The drawings and pictures of this model are provided below:

Drawing including dimensions click here


Photo 1

Thanks to the small pulley used, a STAR governor has been obtained but with a much smaller size. It is perfect for cantilever-type lifts. It incorporates a remote or anti-creep interlocking system that can also perform the remote tripping function at the same time. The drawings and pictures of the product are provided below.

Drawing including dimensions click here

Photo 2. Example of use in a cantilever frame

  • QUASAR T25:

Photo 1

A real gem. Along with ASG safety gears, which exceed 4000 Kg of P+Q, both safety gear and governor are combined in a single part. The resulting safety unit has a very small and compact size and, thus, it may be suitably used in reduced pits, since the space required is below 120 mm, if fitted at the bottom of the frame. Furthermore, the system is ready to be used in guide rails both in standard and reversed position.

As can be seen, the number of combinations of the different safety elements to cover the same scope of application can be reduced thanks to QUASAR T25, along with ASG safety gear’s features. Therefore, if our customer chooses this system, lower manufacturing costs are guaranteed.

As in model SV, you can choose between the remote or anti-creep tripping systems.

Please find attached plans and drawings illustrating both the product and its different uses:

Drawing including dimensions click here

Photo 2
1. Main pulley built in the steering mechanism
2. Movable diverter pulley

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5. QUASAR T25
Example of use in reduced pits. The installation of split guide shoes above the safety gears is highly recommended.

Photo 6. Minimum space required.
Distance to the ground below 120 mm

Summary table explaining the three models with their corresponding planned on-sale dates:





Certificate of compliance: click here

You will receive the price list including the new products soon.

Yours faithfully,

We inform you that Dynatech has been awarded with the Certification of the UCM Unit in accordance with the EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009 Standard and that this unit is made up of:

  • D-BOX Control System
  • STAR Ovespeed Governor
  • ASG-1XX progressive Safety Gear and T-25 Driving Bar

The unit’s specification, its manuals for use as well as its Certificates are already available in the Products section in our Website.

The operating and maintenance instructions for UCM UNIT: D-Box + VEGA + ASG+T-25 have been modified in French, English, Spanish and German.

They are now available on our website.

 “This week the PR-2500-UD progressive safety gear has been the first model, out of the 16 types of safety gears currently available, to reach the figure of 100,000 produced units. Dynatech sincerely thanks all its customers for their loyalty to our Brand; this milestone could not have been reached without them. Unit no. 100,000 has finally been sent to International Lift Components (ILC) in Italy. ILC employees and managers will receive a present from Dynatech as a sign of gratitude. ILC has declared that this PR-2500-UD progressive safety gear, serial number 100,000, will not be put up for sale and will be kept in the products room as part of the commercial history of the company.”

Dynatech will start supplying its new model of D-BOX Device for UCM in the next deliveries.  The main difference from the previous model is that the 24V-Battery in the previous models has been replaced with a new 12V one.

We have decided to maintain the Instructions for use and maintenance of the previous model on our website so that the Customers that have already received the previous model may continue referring to the models for some time and, at the same time, we have included the new manuals for use and maintenance:

Dbox_Operating and maintenance instructions (For a 12V Battery) Control Number Dbox 24/004 v03

Dbox_Operating and maintenance instructions (For a 24V Battery) Control Number Dbox 24/002 v02 and Dbox 24/003 v02

Dear customers,

In view of the numerous doubts and queries from you, concerning the compliance with Standards: EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009 and EN 81-2:1998+A3:2009, we have produced a diagram in order to explain the processes relating to our products.

This is an explanatory diagram that is constantly updated.  As soon as there are any modifications in it, you will be informed by this same channel.  We hope this information may be of use and help to you.

Yours faithfully,


Download UCM_Board-ENG

We inform you that Dynatech has been awarded with the Certification of the UCM Unit in accordance with the EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009 Standard and that this unit is made up of:

  • D-BOX Control System
  • VEGA Ovespeed Governor
  • ASG-1XX progressive Safety Gear and T-25 Driving Bar

The unit’s specification, its manuals for use as well as its Certificates are already available in the Products section in our Website.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the D-BOX Control System + STAR Governor Unit + ASG-1XX progressive Safety Gear and T-25 Driving Bar have also successfully passed the Certification Tests and we expect to receive their corresponding Certificates in the short term.  As soon as we receive them, we will let you know in the same way.

D-BoxA new check of D-BOX operating and maintenance instructions are available now in our web site, in: english, spanish, german and french.  

This new check  includes the Type-Examination of components according to EN 81-1/2:1998 + A3:2009

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> ELECTRONIC DEVICES -> D-BOX.

Dynatech has certified several of its products in Russia, according to the standards GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010. This certification was performed by the organisation “Centre-Expert”. All certificates issued by this organisation are available on our website www.dynatech-elevation.com and are for the following products:

Progressive safety gear:

  • ASG-100-UD
  • ASG-120-UD
  • ASG-121-UD
  • PR-2500-UD V50
  • PR-2000-UD
  • PQ-4000-UD
  • PQ-3400-UD

Overspeed governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

The products used in Russia are in accordance with these certificates, and must be labelled with the corresponding mark as required by Russian regulations:

Russian Logo

We therefore ask all our customers intending to use our products in Russia to explicitly request these products for that country, so the product can be properly labelled.

D-BoxThe D-BOX operating and maintenance instructions are available now in our webpage, in english, spanish, german and french.

You can download it in our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, in PRODUCTS -> ELECTRONIC DEVICES -> D-BOX.

Dynatech has already received the Authorisation Letter from the Notified Body ATISAE in order to apply the Standards EN 81-1: 1998 +A3:2009 and EN 81-2:1998 +A3:2009, in the use of our products manufactured prior to validity of the above-mentioned Standards. This letter is included in all the Instructions for use and Maintenance of the products mentioned below, after the EC Type Examinations, in the following languages: Spanish, English, French and German, in accordance with the Language of the corresponding Instructions for use. The Products including this letter are as follows:

- Progressive safety gears

  • ASG-100 UD
  • ASG-120 UD
  • ASG-121 UD
  • ASG-100
  • ASG-120
  • ASG-121
  • PR-2500
  • PR-2500 UD V.35
  • PR-2500 UD V.50
  • PR-2000 UD
  • PQ-4000 UD
  • PQ-3400 UD

- Overspeed governors

  • STAR
  • VEGA

Dynatech is currently in the process to certify the following products in Russia in accordance to the GOST R 53780-2010 and GOST R 53781-2010 Standards:

Progressive safety gears:

  • ASG-100-UD
  • ASG-120-UD
  • ASG-121-UD
  • PR-2500-UD V50
  • PR-2000-UD
  • PQ-4000-UD
  • PQ-3400-UD

Overspeed governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

The “Centre-Expert” (NETEEL) body is already performing the standardization tests. The first certificate drafts of the safety gears PR-2000-UD and ASG-100-UD are already available. Their final certificates and those of the products in the process to be certified will be received promptly. As soon as these certificates are received, they will be included in our website.

Dear Clients,

Please be advised that we now have the Type CE Examinations translated into French and German for all of our products certified under Addendum 3. As always, we have included these Certificates in the User and Maintenance Manuals issued in French and German, which are now available from our website.

We have certificates in these languages for the following Progressive Safety Gears:

  • ASG-100 UD
  • ASG-120 UD
  • ASG-121 UD
  • ASG-100
  • ASG-120
  • ASG-121
  • PR-2500
  • PR-2500 UD V.35
  • PR-2500 UD V.50
  • PR-2000 UD
  • PQ-4000 UD
  • PQ-3400 UD

We also have Certificates in French and German for the following Speed Governors:

  • STAR
  • VEGA

_______________________ EN 81-1+A3 NEWS ___________________

Ya estamos recibiendo los Nuevos Certificados para la EN 81-1 +A3.  De momento seguiremos suministrando los productos con el Certificado anterior.   En próximos boletines, Dynatech les informará sobre el comienzo del suministro de sus productos con el Nuevo Etiquetado conforme a la Nueva Norma.

We are already receiving the New Certificates for the EN 81-1 +A3.  At present, we shall continue to supply products with the previous Certificate. Dynatech will inform you when your products will be supplied with the New Labelling compliant with the New Standard in future bulletins.

Wir erhalten bereits die Neuen Zertifikate für die EN 81-1 +A3. Zur Zeit liefern wird die Produkte weiterhin mit dem alten Zertifikat. In den nächsten Berichten wird Dynatech Sie über den Beginn der Lieferung seiner Produkte mit der neuen Etikettierung gemäß der neuen Norm informieren.

Nous sommes en train de recevoir les nouveaux certificats pour la norme EN 81-1 +A3.  Pour l’instant, nous continuerons de livrer les produits avec le certificat précédent. Dans les prochains bulletins, Dynatech vous informera du début de livraison de ses produits avec le nouvel étiquetage conforme à la nouvelle norme.

_____________ 2011 DYNATECH GASHERBRUM II EXPEDITION NEWS __________

Dear clients,

We inform you that the new operating and maintenance instructions in accordance with the Addendum 3 for the following progressive safety gears, are now available in our website:

  • ASG-100 UD
  • ASG-120 UD
  • ASG-121 UD
  • ASG-100
  • ASG-120
  • ASG-121
  • PR-2500
  • PR-2500 UD V.35
  • PR-2500 UD V.50
  • PR-2000 UD
  • PQ-4000 UD
  • PQ-3400 UD

Dynatech web site

After years of working hard on several projects, Dynatech will launch its latest developments and patents at INTERLIFT.

From now to the Interlift celebration date (Augsburg, October 2011), information concerning the new products to be exhibited at the fair will be published on our website. Nevertheless, please find below information on the developments which will be approved and EN 81-1 A3 certified by then, as well as on the rest of our current range of products:

  • New QUASAR speed governor: QUASAR (Astronomy), “A quasi-stellar object, extremely compact and with high power and luminosity” Our QUASAR Governor is the heir to STAR technology, with a reduced 120 mm diameter but with a large range of applications, much larger than that of the current Dynatech governors.
  • INTEGRAL System: “A new concept in safety systems”. Safety gear and speed governor fitted in a single part. This system is multifunctional for any type of frames, thus reducing both the cost of its manufacture and the gap between the car floor and the lift’s shaft pit to the minimum.

At present, new products, such as the following ASG range safety gear models, are being designed: ASG-200 and ASG-200-UD. These may not be approved in time for the fair but may be displayed during it and their features disclosed in accordance with the preliminary tests.

TORNADO gearless machines also incorporate new components: Bed plates for roomless lifts, bed plates for refurbishments, manual rescue system, adaptable pulley protections, etc.

Even though the INTEGRAL system will be a true revolution in the lift sector, it will not be the only one. At any typical fair, exhibitors usually show their current and future products; what has never been seen before is that exhibitors both show their products and offer a different kind of business to their customers which they can incorporate to the current one without having to include additional costs. Therefore, the turnover is increased but the costs remain fixed. Dynatech is to launch a series of products which will be seen at Interlift and which are part of the Energy Efficient Building philosophy.

An opportunity not to be missed: INTERLIFT 2011.

In order to develop all the above-mentioned products, it is clear that the company has a considerable technological capacity and can rely on supports with proven technical competence. What you are going to see now is not a product sold or expected to be sold by Dynatech. What you are going to see is a vehicle for technological demonstration. Specifically, it is a multipurpose tool vehicle, remotely-operated, articulated, with comprehensive traction and hydrogen battery powered system.  The participants in this development are:

  • The University of Zaragoza, Doctor of Engineering, Mr. Mario Maza coordinating the project.
  • The Laboratorio de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Combustión (LITEC) developing the two PEM (proton exchange membrane) type batteries.
  • The company Electrónica Cerler, S.A. developing the required electronic boards.
  • The Fundación para el Desarrollo en Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón (FH2A), promoting the project.
  • DYNATECH, sponsoring the project with the participation of Dynatech’s Integration Laboratory Director, Mr. Ramón del Cacho, and developing the entire vehicle’s kinematics and the integration of all its components for its correct final operation.

Dr. Mario Maza, from the University of Zaragoza and Dr. Félix Barreras from LITEC, explain in two videos the vehicle’s functionality and degree of technical complexity (in Spanish).

 —                        –

Mario Maza vídeo Félix Barreras vídeo

An authentic Lunar Rover.  To see its performance on site, please watch this video:

If you now want to find out how this vehicle is made up and what with, as well as the technology used, please pay attention to the following images:

  1. Front.
  2. Rear:  Space for the drivers.
  3. Rear.  Data andVehicle’s parameters display screen.
  4. Rear General view: Explanation of other parts of the vehicle.
  5. General view: Mr. Ramón del Cacho with the remote operation emitter (Remote Control).

Interesting commentary about our company (in Spanish language) made by Ibercaja Social Foundation.  This video  includes an interesting interview to Francisco Mateo: General Mananager of Dynatech.


Mr. Mateo talks about the TORNADO Gearless Machine (a permanent magnets synchronous machine), the most recent product of Dynatech. He talks about about our new developments of wind turbine power generators and  of an  interesting integration projects to mix: lifts, gearless machines and turbines too.

Ibercaja Social Foundation.
Click here to see the complete Article of our company.

We are already receiving the New Certificates for the EN 81-1 +A3.  At present, we shall continue to supply products with the previous Certificate. Dynatech will inform you when your products will be supplied with the New Labelling compliant with the New Standard in future bulletins.



Dynatech reportage

Video of the TV report broadcasted through the Aragonese channel “Antena Aragón” that shows Dynatech’s facilities and equipments for R&D+I, and the main products of the company: Safety Gears, Overspeed Governors and Tornado Gearless Machines.



22.07.11  10:00  h Pakistan
22.07.11  07:00  h Spain

At 10 a.m., Carlos Pauner reached the summit of the GII. He was alone, he arrived tired but with a clear head, aware of the fact that the real summit was below him. A difficult descent awaited him, as there was an unequipped section and every caution must be taken.

Raúl Martínez felt very cold and decided to stay at CIII. A wide decision. Raúl knows what ‘freezing cold’ is all about. He suffered the amputation of two of his toes as a result of freezing (on his ascent of Nanga Parbat 8125 m). On realising his health, his hydration levels, his strength and with a ‘cold’ head, he decided to give up. An exemplary gesture and actions praiseworthy of the person taking them. He fought like a titan, accompanying Carlos to the highest refuge, which was bound to be his prime reason for reaching CIII. He is a man of extreme generosity who looks out for the interests of others rather than his own. I am unaware of his current situation, but he will be somewhere on this mountain where he can be of use and not get in the way. Having Raúl nearby is extremely fortunate; those who know him are very lucky.

Francisco Mateo – Managing Director of Dynatech-elevation – called yesterday to take a personal interest in the health of Raúl, Adrián and Carlos and showed the typical concern of someone who is familiar with great challenges. He asked about Adrián, whether he had arrived safely and whether he was physically and mentally fit, and then about Raúl and Carlos. He asked me to tell him as soon as I had any news. He is another man with exemplary behaviour, someone who never shies away, who appears whenever he can offer his help and who adds but never takes away. Thanks for everything, Fran.

We will inform you as soon as we have any more news.


7 April, 2011

On 25th March, there was a ceremony at Dynatech as a tribute to the members of the expedition Adrián Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente in recognition of the effort made last year during the 2010 DYNATECH – ALPAMAYO expedition.

During this expedition, they managed to put our flag on the summit of the Alpamayo, claimed to be “the most beautiful mountain in the world”, and on two other summits as well: Pisco and Vallunaraju, all three in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

The event was a lunch at our facilities and ended with a presentation of glass statuettes commemorating the Expedition. Due to reasons beyond his control, Fran Lorente could not attend the event and Carlos Pauner attended the ceremony and collected this statuette on Fran’s behalf.



After that, Carlos Pauner, a famous Himalayist, did the honours to present the next challenge for Dynatech members of the expedition planned for July this year:

To conquer the Gasherbrum II summit.

The Gasherbrum II, also called K4, is an 8,035-m-mountain located in the Pakistani Karakoram and is one of the 14 summits over 8,000m. They intend to make their ascent following the so-called “French Route”, opened in 1975 and never been attempted by any Spanish person.

The 2011 DYNATECH – GASHERBRUM II expedition is an extreme challenge: A summit over 8,000m and an ascent made following an unusual route, where they will not find any other expedition to provide mutual assistance and share efforts.

Carlos Pauner ( www.carlospauner.com ) gave the Dynatech personnel further details on the project. He is about to complete his own challenge which is reaching the top of the 14 highest mountains in the world, all of them over eight thousand metres. Up until now, he has reached 10 and, as we speak, he is at the base of the Lhotse (8,516m) to attempt his eleventh one. Here at Dynatech, we wish him to obtain the greatest success and to return home safe and sound.

On his return from Lhotse, he will have about a month to recover from the effort made and, then, prepare his departure towards the K4. Then, the members of our expedition, Adrián Uclés and Raúl Martínez (Fran will not be able to participate this time) will join Carlos to undertake this challenge. In addition to our own team, Carlos will be accompanied by Javier Pérez, Isabel Santolaria and Juan Carlos Cirera, all of them from Aragon; therefore, the expedition will be 100% Aragonese.

As soon as we are given any news, we will inform you of it.

The original text from this article has been permanently removed. Even though it has not been updated, since it is dated on 09/11/2010, and the current circumstances are completely different from those on said date, we see that people continue to read this article and consequently the reader may misinterpret its message.

In place of the original text, we are providing you with a hyperlink that will allow you to access the latest updated information.

To access the updated information please click here.

If using the Internet Explorer browser to visit our website www.dynatech-elevation.com, please use version 8 or newer to view it correctly.

29 August, 2010





STAR Remote tripping mechanism

 STAR Remote tripping mechanism

Raul Martinez y Adrian Ucles en Alpamayo 5.947 m


We just got to Huaraz, now are the 21 h PM and we are very tired. Broadly speaking, we can say that everything went as planned.

We arrived at BC on the 28th, Day Celebrations in Peru. The next day we moved from CB to CII, directly, without sleeping on the CI. Ten hours of activity to exceed 1100 m.
Continue reading “They have reached the Alpamayo summit (5.947 m)” »

The project known as DYNATECH Alpamayo Expedition” is an attempt made by a group of experienced Aragonese mountaineers to reach the Alpamayo summit, a 5,947-m mountain located in the Andes Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

Why the Alpamayo? When a mountaineer faces a challenge, more than one reason motivates him to do so. The “DYNATECH Alpamayo” project was born as a continuation of the attempt, and later successful achievement in 2009, to reach the mountain known as “the coldest in the world”,  a name given to the McKinley, in  Alaska, with a height of 6,194 m., which is also the highest mountain in North America.

In our search for new and demanding challenges, DYNATECH has set its eye on the Alpamayo, 5,947-m., which is known as “the most beautiful mountain in the world”.

In addition, the Alpamayo has a series of specific characteristics which makes undertaking its ascent a considerable challenge:


On one hand, this mountain attracts a massive number of mountaineers due to the beauty of its lines; on the other hand it only has very few routes open (all of them at the end of the last century), which, without a doubt, says a lot of the difficulties its ascent entails. There are only three routes (and one alternative route) open on the SE face (undoubtedly the most beautiful face) and the direct French route is the most difficult one, technically speaking.

This is the route chosen by the group, which implies, if possible, a bigger challenge than the ascent itself. This route, which was climbed by an American roped team in the 80s, owes its name to two French mountaineers who attempted its ascent but died in the process. It is a technically difficult route as it includes a 450-m climb on icy snow with an average slope of 65º and the last 3 climbing pitches may have an 85-90º slope, in other words, they are totally vertical.

Apart from the other difficulties this mountain entails, there are imminent risks of avalanche, temperatures reaching minus 20º and winds of up to 70-80 Km./h., as well as the proximity to the Pacific implying a very changeable weather, all of these factors make it a high risk ascent with a low percentage of success.

For these reasons, the challenge is exciting albeit serious and not risk-free. For this ascent, the group, which is highly experienced as its members have climbed summits of 6000, 7000 and 8000 m., is being cautious about this challenge, planning a progressive acclimatisation in order to avoid one of the main problems caused by such a challenge: height; and, trying to open a new route on this or another mountain in the Cordillera Blanca, if the circumstances are right or allow to do so.

Next Saturday 17th July, the expedition sets off to Lima (Peru) and will return on 13th August.

Our next reports will be sent directly from Peru.

We hope that, as a great mountaineer of the 20th C once said, they all return, return as friends and have a successful ascent, but always in this order.


Raúl MartínezFran Lorente and Adrián Uclés
Members of the 2010 Dynatech-Alpamayo Expedition

El Periodico

On last 9th October,  Dynatech organised a tribute dinner at the Hotel Boston in Zaragoza  for the mountaineers Adrián Uclés and Raúl Martínez who placed the Dynatech flag at the summit of the coldest mountain in the world and the highest in North America: the McKinley-Denali (6200m. Alaska).

Apart from the members of the expedition and Dynatech personnel, Fran Lorente, narrator of all the daily reports transmitted via satellite by the expedition, and Carlos Pauner, a professional mountaineer and friend, were also there.

When the dinner ended, there was a brief commemorative prize-giving ceremony and, immediately after, the showing of a video of the expedition.

Once the showing finished, all the audience could hear the details of this adventure told by their true protagonists. Numerous questions on the climb were also made which were properly answered by the members of the expedition and by Carlos Pauner as well, a famous “eight-thousander” and prestigious guest that gave a real master class on the mountain world, its difficulties and limits of the human being in this hostile environment.

The story was covered by the local press. Enclosed is the corresponding article.

Carlos Pauner, Adrian Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente

Carlos Pauner (upper left), Adrian Uclés, Raúl Martínez and Fran Lorente (upper right)



Francisco Mateo (left side) and Mr. Daniel Sánchez (right side)

Mr. Francisco Mateo (left side) and Mr. Daniel Sánchez (right side)

“On the 30th September, the mobile platform for UAV antenna tests was officially presented to the company EADS-CASA, represented by Mr. D. Daniel Sánchez from the Defence section.

Although it was already finished in the month of August, its presentation was postponed so as to incorporate additional features requested by the customer.

Having carried out the appropriate demonstrations of the product in the Dynatech installations and having achieved an accuracy level much lower than 0.1º, EADS-CASA gave its approval for the transferral of the machine to its installations in Getafe (Madrid).

Entrega en las instalaciones de CASA-EADS

Delivery of the platform in the facilities of EADS in Madrid

Foto entregaThe new Dynatech extension was officially opened last Saturday, 19 Sep 2009, by Arturo Aliaga Lopez, the Aragon Government Industry Minister.

DYNATECH took this opportunity to display its TORNADO series of gearless machines.

After the opening speeches and the technical presentation for the product, those attending were allowed to enter the factory and try out the new machine for themselves, by riding the lift in the new 50m testing tower.

Then around 8.45pm, all the guests, politicians, customers, suppliers, family and friends moved off to another part of the site, where they were served a delicious dinner.

However, the most dramatic part of the night took place at 11:15 pm, when Kate Ryan started off her fantastic concert. By then even more guests had arrived at the party, reaching a final figure of some two thousand people.

After the show, Dynatech thanked the artist and her band for the magnificent show put on for everyone present.

Concierto Kate RyanImmediately afterwards, just outside the factory, James Garibo and his MagicXtreme magic show, left everyone open-mouthed for half an hour. This is a great show that James has given, not just in Spain, but internationally as well, including Las Vegas (USA).

At the end of the magic show, ‘Del Solar’ Orchestra took to the same stage and played their Latin Salsa rhythms. This is a fantastically professional group who are used to playing alongside the big international stars of Latin music.

Two DJs, one on the Kate Ryan stage playing Dance music, and the other in the Latino area, kept anyone who still had strength left dancing till the early hours of the morning. The event finally drew to a close about 6am, with the departure of the last of the guests.

Dynatech would like to thank everyone who complemented and congratulated us on the high quality of the concerts and organisation throughout the evening.

Once our audiovisual department has finished their report, we will post it up on our website. Maybe next week. Don’t miss it!

In the meantime you can check out how it was reported by the press and TV at the following links:


Updated: 05/11/18

Overspeed governor Star with anticreep system and RECTIFIER.

- Overspeed governors can be provided optionally with a rectifier pre-assembled.

With this option, the customer just need to connect directly the system to the 230V AC power network.

In this way and with a minimum cost, the customer has not to install a rectifier current himself and the transformer.

- The rectifier included in the overspeed governor comes encased in a plastic box with an IP 66 protection.

- The rectifier connection to the solenoid is by means of Fast-on coated.

- Easy connection to the 230 VAC power network.

Overspeed governor Vega with anticreep system and RECTIFIER.

Overspeed governor Vega with anticreep system and RECTIFIER.

- This device can be assembled with the following components:

- Remote tripping mechanism with 190 VDC solenoid (STAR, VEGA, LBD-200, LBD-300).

- Anticreep system with 190 VDC solenoid (STAR, VEGA).

The descent finished

Autor: Raul Mtz
21 June, 2009

 “Hello everybody. Last 18th June dawned in bad weather in Camp IV. We hesitated to descend, because it was snowing much and there was a poor visibility. There was not a forecast improvement and we did not want to spend more time on the glacier under these conditions. We talked to the Australian team and decide to form a strong rope of five people and began the descent. In this way, we increased the security. Without delay, we packed everything, we loaded it on the sleds and on the backpacks and we started to descend. The first stage until the Camp III was very hard. Practically, we went opening footprint, snow storm was very uncomfortable and the land with half and steep slopes made our walk with the sleds difficult. After more than two hours, we arrived at Camp III. There, a depot with more load, our skis, food and the third sled were waiting four us. Due to the heavy snowfalls, it took a long time to shovel for unearthing everything and we had to make a great effort. The Austrian climbers made the same, and then with five sleds we began the way. From here the land is less abrupt, but the load is heavier, and besides, as we went descending on the glacier, the risk of falling into a crack was bigger, so we had to act with more caution. The accident happened to the Malaga expedition the previous day reminded us that we could not relax.

After long hours of walking we arrived at camp I. Weather had improved, at this altitude the snow had stopped, but the sun hid behind the mountains, and although here in Alaska, in these months don´t disappear altogether, temperatures drop sharply when the “night” falls. It was 21 hours, we were very cold, and we coooked a little to get our strength back and we melted snow to drink. Here also we had food and rubbish depots which we had to unearth. When we left in the morning, we had not still decided exactly until where we could arrive. We had been walking for more than eight hours and we were tired. Eleven kilometers still left, seven of which were ligth descent and the last four of ascent until base camp. One option was sleep here and leave the next day, but then we chose to continue. The glacier since we entered the park had lost a lot of quality. The high temperatures on the first days, together the snowfalls on the last days had turned it into a maze of cracks to circumvent. Low temperatures in the night compact the snow, so the navigation at this time is more secure. So we set off again at 23 hours and gritting our teeth we started our last stage on this mountain. It was specially hard, the quality of the snow was really bad, it took a long time to advance with the sleds, and the load and the walking hours began to feel in our legs and backs. The noise of avalanches joined us during this last phase, bursting with violence into the silence of the glacier night. With a few frights that never exceeded of putting a foot into a crack, we arrived at the the basis of what they call “Heartbreak Hill”. Really, the name is deserved, because after all, when you see the height of the base camp (300 height meters difference) and how long are going to be those four kilometers, not only breaks your heart, but also your soul. But expeditions are like this, an endurance and strength test, in which we must give everything to the end. It is said that a summit is not consummated until arriving at base camp, in this case, the proper base camp, more than ever, is a summit itself.

Finally, after more than twelve hours of effort we set our tent and on friday, at 2 h. a.m., we prepared to rest a few hours in the hope of flying the next day. It wasn´t a nice night, because the sweat cooled in the sacks that ended flooded, but it did not matter, we were so near the desired hot shower and clean clothes.

A canvas chair and a jacket left out by the Rangers, made us trust that they could expect good weather and that definitely the light aircrafts could fly. it’s hardly surprising on this mountain have to wait for several days at the base camp because of the inclement climatic.

Almost when it seemed that we were to sleep, a female voice woke us up, Lisa, the Ranger in charge of the base camp, she asked us from out of the tent, if we wanted to fly, our company had a light aircraft which would land in half an hour. The happiness made that the soft bodies bring that reserve out and in a moment everything was into the backpacks again and over the sleds, everything on the back and on the sleds because on this endless mountain we still had to climb a slope. Due to the snow quality, it was getting worse, the light aircrafts need travel a longer distance to take off. So, again, more than half an hour pulling a load, heavier than ever, because we had unearthed the depot of food left in the base camp in case of staying here for several days more.

Finally, we loaded everything on board, at 10 h. a.m., and without any problem, Paúl, an expert and veteran pilot, took off and we delighted with the wonderful aerial view of this impressive glacier. While we were flying over Denali, the images of those snows and mountains, were mixed with our lived moments, days of effort and life together that will remain in our memory forever.

The McKinley mountain, Denali for the natives, has become a greater challenge than expected. The fact of carrying everything up by oneself, and the height difference of more than 4000 meters to overcome, gives you an extraordinary hardness. Climatology, one of the deciding factors on this mountain, has been favourable, but also, has led us to bet on a fast attack, because weather forecasts were few encouraging for the following days, as it was confirmed. It led us to carry out a fast attack to the summit, without much acclimation, a risky strategy that had repercussions on one of the members, but time leads all.


We landed in Talkeetna and when we arrived at the hotel, we lived some moments of happiness. The first was meet the Malaga expedition by chance and confirm that the accident in the crack was just a scare and it had only involved one member with broken ribs. The desired shower was the second moment of joy and happiness, after twelve days of sweats and a few changes of clothes, believe me it is needed.

But the greater happiness of all of them was the moment of watching the computer and reading all the chronicle of our adventure in Dynatech website. Reading the messages of everybody, family and friends, moved us to tears, the chronicles written by Fran and your support messages. Although technology hasn´t reach at that altitude, surely your help arrived there and gave us strengths in difficult moments.


From here we want to thank to all people who have made this adventure possible: Dynatech, as main sponsor, San Mateo driving school, Monzon Municipal Sport Board and Cinca Medio Area.

We also want to send an special gratitude to Francisco Lorente, “Fran”, who has related in a expeptional way our experience. When we read them, it seems to us as if he were here with us. Thanks Fran, and thanks to everybody for your support messages. As Frand told in one of his chronicles: a successful expedition: all are back, healthy, and more friends.

In this case, we add a fourth moment of success and celebration, the real happiness of the expedition has been read all of your messages and chronicles and feel you.

From Talkeetna, Alaska, a very strong hug for everybody of the Raules and Adrián”.





1 January, 2009

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